Wednesday, May 18

12 Ghostly Ghost Story Experiences

Dante and Virgil Encountering the Shades of Francesca de Rimini and Paolo
Dante and Virgil Encountering the Shades of Francesca de Rimini and Paolo
I should be home from Crete and back to blogging tomorrow. The previous 16 or so posts were all written before I set off on my travels. Today I'm taking an easy option and listing 12 Ghostly Stories covering all things from poltergeist and ghosts to communicating with dead people.

Those who have died are probably with us more than we realise, especially when they first move on. The signs are often there. My own personal experience is that I often see white feathers reminding me of a loved one. In one of the stories below the signs are strands of wool.

Anyway, enough waffle and on with the ghost posts:

The Poltergeist Who Terrorised A Family

Paranormal Ghostly Footsteps And Noises

The Ghostly Children Seen In Two Houses

The Unusual Contact With Her Dead Mother

The Ghost Of The Virgin Mary
Seen On The Cornish Cliffs

A-Mail Messages From Beyond The Grave

Her Grandmother Visits Her From Beyond The Grave

The Voices Of Dead People Captured On Tape

The Ghost Of A Nun Was Herself In A Previous Life

Ghostly Rye: The Most Haunted Town In England

Seeing dead people As Solid Living Beings

The Ghost In A Shirt Left And Orange Globe Behind

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  1. Hope Crete was fabulous!

  2. oh, wait!!! you're stuck in crete and not here blogging in person!!! well, i never! ;)

    just be sure to bring back lots of photos to further make us all jealous!! hope you had a great time!