Wednesday, May 20

A Message From Her Dead Grandmother

Vintage ring with six diamonds

A story from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

"In April I lost my precious grandmother. We were extremely close. 

Many years earlier, she gave me a beautiful gold ring of hers with a row of six diamonds for my 16th Birthday. She was so proud of those diamonds and told me many times, "Those are good diamonds. Take good care of those diamonds." 

I foolishly wore that ring every day while playing sports, swimming, and waitressing in college. Luckily, it survived these years of abuse with nary a scratch. 

My grandmother left the world unexpectedly, having a massive heart attack. At the time of her passing she was blind, angry, and estranged from her daughter (my mother). 

I flew home and before I went to sleep I wept and prayed aloud for her to give me a sign that she is no longer angry and that everything was okay. 

The next morning one of the diamonds was missing from the ring - a message from grandmother."

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