Sunday, May 17

The Right Tool at the Right Time Coincidence

River Creek as the tide goes out.

The gentleman who sent me this synchronicity example wishes to remain anonymous. I say synchronicity but, perhaps, there is more to this than synchronicity. 

It is often said that the universe provides for our needs - if we go about it the right way. 

"I recently met someone who has often had synchronistic experiences involving money. I’m afraid I don’t have that gift. Mine tend to involve tools. I've learned that life seems to provide me with tools and materials, but I have to do the work. I have a small pile I call my 'synchronistic objects'.

Example: one day I was going on a solo kayak trip. It was six miles through a small, remote river that ended at the ocean. I packed food, clothes, a hatchet and a pair of three foot long loppers. I looked at my over packed kayak and thought 'you've gotta be kidding', so I took only the essentials and left the loppers behind. 

About a mile downstream my trip came to a halt. Trees and brush had totally overgrown the river. In this branch-thick remote place I regretted leaving the bulky loppers behind, then I looked to the side of the river, lying on the muddy edge, you guessed it, in the middle of nowhere, a long pair of loppers. I cut my way through and kayaked to the ocean."

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