Wednesday, May 13

Signs From Loved Ones Who Have Died

There seems to be so many ways loved ones can leave a message after their death. On this blog, for example, you will find a myriad of stories where people have seen white feathers following the loss of someone close. This has happened to me personally.

People have also seen butterflies, robins, other birds, including doves, and so on.

Today, though, something different : a praying mantis!

Lola has told me of her experience:

"In this day and age we often miss the signs of our loved ones who have passed on. I have experienced loss enough times to believe there are definite signs that show loved ones remain in our lives and help us through the grieving process.

People have there own individual signs. For me it is the praying mantis. After a loss in the family we will start to see them everywhere, no matter what time of the year it is."

While on this theme lets also look at white feathers once more. Here is an experience from someone who prefers to remain anonymous.

"My sister passed away very suddenly aged 17. I had never seen a white feather in our house previously, but they began appearing every single day for the first couple of weeks after she passed away.

I wasn't very religious beforehand, but I definitely took it as a sign.

When it was time for me to leave my home a few weeks later, to go back to college, I found a gigantic white feather on my bag, and one stuck to the car door! when things were most difficult, white feathers would appear.

They then began appearing in my college dorm when I returned, something which never happened before. As time went on, they became less common. Then, about a year later, on the morning of my graduation, a huge feather floated down towards me. I definitely take it as her way of letting us know she is ok"

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