Saturday, June 6

Ghosts and White Feathers Seen While Self Isolating

Over the last week or two my wife has felt what she describes as a shadow behind her, when in our kitchen. It doesn't scare her in any way. So whatever, or whoever, it is isn't in any way evil or nasty - she just feels that something is watching her.

I hadn't thought too much about this until I was flicking through an old copy of the Daily Mail's You magazine. In an article it mentions how some people are experiencing visitations of ghosts and spirits during this time of problems with the coronavirus.

They give a few experiences of what people have seen. A woman, for example, sees a ghost who she describes as Top Hat Man. He is like a shadow at the periphery of her vision. 

There's also a pub full of differing spirits - the non alcoholic sort - which includes Harold who scares guests by grabbing their necks - and so the stories go on.

A spiritualist medium You magazine consulted, is quoted as saying, "It's not surprising that people may be more aware at this time of being in lockdown … now many of us are at home all day we have more time for reflection. There are fewer distractions so we're more responsive to energies around us."

A while back I wrote about how three important people in our lives died within a short period of time. Two of the deaths were completely unexpected.

I mention this as my wife, at that difficult time, sensed someone touching her gently and saw the shape of one of the deceased in the kitchen window. Again, this wasn't scary. 

This all happened around the time I first began to see white feathers following the loss of loved ones. This started when my mother died. The feathers seemed to be everywhere and these continued following our two other losses as well. 

See my post White Feathers Comfort The Bereaved. There are also dozens and dozens of other white feather posts on this blog.

The coronavirus has had an effect on us in so many ways. Our lives could well be altered forever. 

P.S. My wife had another creepy happening last night. She went up to bed before me. After a while she heard footsteps in the bedroom, we have a wooden floor. Thinking it was me she never looked up. If she had done so she would have realised that I was still downstairs!

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