Saturday, January 16

A Love Letter Received From Beyond the Grave

Love letters

A story today from a widow who wishes to remain anonymous. She feels that the letter concerned was received from beyond the grave, for want of a better expression. Perhaps you have a different opinion. Here's her story ...

"A few weeks after my husband died, my daughter called to visit me.

We sat together, looking through some photos. I found myself saying: "The one thing I regret is that your father never sent me a love letter. Other widows have letters, sometimes tied up with ribbon, but I have nothing like that."

Just at that precise second, both my daughter and I gave an involuntary. "Oh!" because right before our eyes was an envelope sitting on top of the photographs.

We did not  see it actually materialise, but were certain it had not been there before.

I picked it up. It was dated 43 years previously and was addressed to me in my maiden name. I took the letter out of the envelope. It was indeed a love letter, professing love, 'body and soul' for ever.

I cannot remember ever receiving this letter."