Tuesday, January 5

Arlene Phillips Talks About Coincidences

Arlene Phillips, the dance choreographer and ex dancing judge for BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, said that coincidences have been a large part of her life. Arlene said:

Arlene Phillips"My whole life, I've felt there have been these paths that have been set me. Coincidences that have happened - moments of chance that have changed my life.

Meeting Angus (her husband) was one of those chance things. We got together pretty quickly and have been together ever since. At the time, I didn't quite realise it would last so long.

When I became pregnant with Abi it was a gift beyond compare. I was so luck that, firstly Angus and I got to have a child together and secondly, that I was able to get pregnant at 47 (she is now 66).

Arlene Phillips can currently be seen on So You Think You Can Dance on BBC1

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