Wednesday, January 6

Coincidence and Synchronicity - Example 5

coincidence or synchronicityThis is my fifth personal coincidence experience on this blog, out of hundreds that I have had over the years. I have no idea what it indicates other than the odds against it happening must be pretty high.

My wife and I take many breaks throughout the year abroad and in England. This one happened in Devon and is quickly explained.

We had booked a chalet near the sea for a week and when we arrived we were shown to a house instead, which was much better and larger than expected.

As usual we moved our luggage into the house and, after unpacking, looked about.

In England all electrical equipment, in rented holiday accommodation, has to have a sticker on it stating when the item was checked, who by and when the next check is required.

I noticed the sticker on the side of the television. It had been checked by 'Mike Perry' - which just happens to be my name. That was a big coincidence in itself but there is more! The date when it had to next be checked was July 23rd - which also happens to be my birthday.

As I say, I'm not sure what these coincidences indicate but they impressed me at the time!

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  1. Anonymous06:50

    I just experienced a coincidence right now! While reading about your coincidence where you state that the sticker had the date of July 23rd and your birthday is July 23rd, I looked at the calendar and TODAY is July 23rd. This is the first time I have EVER read your blog too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!