Friday, January 1

Coincidence or Synchronicity - Example 3

This is the third example of what I call coincidence or synchronicity experiences. It's something that happened last year.

Boscastle harbour, Cornwall
My wife and I were away on a long weekend break and on the journey home I decided to take a longer scenic route, which took in the north coast of Cornwall. It got to about 11 o'clock and I saw a sign to a well known village called Boscastle.

I asked my wife if she'd like to visit there, so we could have a tea or coffee overlooking the sea. She wasn't too sure but I took the turning anyway and when I got to Boscastle drove into the only car park.

As it was late September the very large car park was virtually empty, so we found a spot right in the middle. As we parked another car stopped directly behind us but three rows back. I looked in my mirror and thought the car looked familiar but thought nothing more of it.

My wife went to the back of our car to make some tea. I looked again in my mirror and remarked to my wife that the man in the car looked like Mick, a friend of some 30 years.

To cut a long story short it was our friend and his wife.

Now they live some 180 miles from where we live and they too, unbeknown to us, had also had a weekend away. They too were on their way home, some 270 miles away. We were on our way home, about 90 miles away.

The strange coincidences were that

(1) They arrived only minutes after us.
(2) They parked directly behind us, when they could have gone anywhere in the big car park. If they had of done we could have easily missed seeing them.
(3) Neither of us knew the other would be anywhere near Boscastle.
(4) As they drove into the car park Mick, and his wife Janet, were talking about coincidences.

So did one of us receive some sort of telepathic message that we should head for Boscastle? Was it purely by chance or an example of synchronicity? Who knows, but we spent a pleasant, unexpected, time together.

As I said, when writing a previous Coincidence or Synchronicity example, I'll look into some of the theories about such happenings in future posts.

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  1. Anonymous04:02

    Hiya Mike.I`ve enjoyed reading aboutyour coincidences and thought I`d share one of my own with you.It happened at the end of a family holiday in Portugal.We had been staying out in the countryside but were to return home from Faro(the capital city.Upon arriving at the airport it turned out that our flight was delayed to such an extent that we were to be put up for most of the day in a hotel in the city.When we got to the hotel we were told that a buffet had been layed out for the delayed passengers on the roof ,which was also where the hotel pool was situated.As we got to the roof and rounded the corner to the pool area my mother quite literally "bumped into" a woman who turned out to be her work colleague who was staying in that very hotel.It has always struck me as an amazing coming together of time ,place and circumstance.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, anon, and loved your coincidence. I hope to put this in a post at a future date.

    Best wishes,

    1. bunny09:44

      On Feb.7,2015 my granddaughter (the twinless twin) turned 19 yrs.old.Kayla and Delaya were 6mins apart.Delaya passed on May 24th 2012 at the age of 16yrs. We would always the balloons. This year we did not. So one week later on a Friday morning a week after their birthday. Kayla woke up to an empty cup making complete circles in her room across from her bed. There was no wind pushing the cup,it make 3 or more complete circle without stopping.She was starled at first,but then she got cell phone and recorded the cup going in circles.We all said Happy Birthday Delaya.

    2. Thank you bunny for your story, that must have been quite an experience for Kayla - especially as she recorded this on her phone.