Thursday, March 25

A Wrong Number Coincidence That Stopped An Abortion

This is a story via 40 Days For Life. I'm not about to enter the abortion debate but this is a story about a coincidence which, some will say, saved a life.

As to the rights or wrongs of abortion I will leave readers to decide. Here's the story:

mobile phone"Erin from Indianapolis had a busy morning. She had seen off her children to school and dropped off her pre-schoolers at a friend’s house. She then realised that she was late for an appointment.

The appointment was at a clinic for an abortion.

Erin phoned the clinic to make sure the appointment was still okay as she would be late arriving. Somehow she dialed a wrong number.

Instead of the number she wanted she got through to Joseph of 40 Days for Life in Indianapolis. When the problem was explained by Erin he seems to have fibbed because he told her a counselor, Elizabeth, would call her back.

Elizabeth did so and begged Erin not to hang up when she realised to whom she was speaking. Elizabeth said that she thought it was God's grace at work in the wrong number coincidence.

Erin's reasons for wanting the abortion were quite simple - she was desperate. Her life was very problematic: she already had four children whose father was in jail, she had lost her job, her electricity was about to be cut off and, to cap it all, she was behind with her rent. Also her mother and sister were encouraging her to abort because of her circumstances. It can't have been an easy decision for Erin to make.

The final outcome was that Erin eventually cancelled her abortion appointment. With the help of Elizabeth someone offered to pay her electric bill and ten others (within the anti-abortion movement) pooled cash to pay her rent.

Elizabeth says that a local group is now working with Erin to help find her a job.

Erin herself has 'reacted with both joy and disbelief that strangers were helping her.'"

This story has heavy influences from 40 Days For Life and, what they call, 'the evil of abortion'. Whatever our own opinion of abortion may be, coincidences do sometimes happen for specific reasons.

Was the miss-dialled number purely a random coincidence or was there some greater influence? Perhaps there is a special reason as to why this baby should be born. There are so many questions to think about when coincidences like this happen.

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