Saturday, March 27

Message Nudges From The Canary Islands

Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife
I arrived home today at three in the morning after a lovely break away in the Canary Islands. I had hoped to come back with stories in abundance of coincidences and synchronicity - but I guess it doesn't always work like that. Coincidences have a mind of their own and don't come on tap exactly when you want them to.

Puerto del la Cruz, Tenerife
Nevertheless a couple of things that I think are worth mentioning. Firstly about messages. Nothing dramatic but, as I mentioned previously in the post A Message Without The Messenger Realising, sometimes - if we are observant - small message nudges can help us along the way.

For example on the first day of our holiday we were in Puerto de la Cruz on the north side of Tenerife. My wife and I were in a cafe for cake and coffee and there was a queue to pay for what we had just enjoyed.

Without any previous words being spoken the man in front turned to me and said in broken English, "Relax, you are in the Canaries, there's no rush."

I wasn't aware that I was in any way tense but I must admit I don't usually like standing in queues and maybe the gentleman picked up on this. But he got an important message across to me and after this there weren't two more chilled out people on the island than my wife and I - okay a slight exaggeration but after this we just went with the flow.

That evening in the hotel where we were staying there was a buffet evening meal. I was in a queue again but, so what, it didn't bother me in the least. In front of me was an elderly lady, she must have been well over 70, and she tried to spoon some food onto her plate but the food stuck to the spoon.

I said some silly remark about how the food didn't want to go onto her plate and she just smiled sweetly and said, "Yes, but isn't it great fun trying." Yes, she was also English!

So on my first day in the sunshine I had two message nudges: relax and have fun - and I did my best to adhere to the advice.

View of snow topped Mount Teidi
Two aspects of Canary life the new and the old.

Old part of Puerto de la Cruz
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Photos: Mike Perry 2010


  1. Really enjoyed these and the photos. The Canary Islands looked beautiful and, well, laid back!

  2. Lovely pics! So glad y'all are home safe and sound. The word verification is "manatoa"----doesn't that just sound like a tropical island?! ;-)