Thursday, April 1

A Double Or A Doppelganger Coincidence

Punta Brava, TeneriffeI forgot to mention one strange experience while on my holiday to the Canary Islands. I saw a double of my best friend who died a couple of years back - a doppelgänger I suppose.

My wife and I were in our hotel about to have our evening meal when in walked the double of my friend - someone I had known for over 30 years.

My wife and I looked at each other and both said, "Doesn't he look like Colin."

To be honest it felt very unsettling when this man sat down on his own quite near our table. In a way I wanted to find an excuse to talk to him but then I felt I shouldn't. I couldn't, however, stop looking at him.

When the waiter came over to the man it was if I was dreaming. Colin had a habit of putting two fingers of his right hand in his top pocket when he was slightly nervy. This is exactly what this duplicate did as he placed his order for a drink.

After a few days the double went away. I almost felt relieved. Then, as we were at Tenerife airport to fly back to England, there he was waiting for the same flight as us. This particular flight was heading for Bristol where Colin was born - an airport we don't normally return to when returning home.

Very strange.

As I understand it seeing a doppelgänger is okay as long as it isn't of our self. If this should occur it is supposedly bad luck or even an omen of death.

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  1. This one is truly eerie. The habit, where he was headed...stories like this make me wonder about parallel selves.

  2. Yes, I think eerie describes it spot on. Parallel selves - not sure but does make me wonder.

  3. Mike - may we repost this? I'm fascinated by these doppelganger stories of yours!

  4. Trish and Rob: It's okay to repost.

  5. Thanks, Mike! Happy Easter.