Tuesday, March 30

Visualisation Brings About Coincidences And Synchronicity

La Orotava churchYesterday I wrote 'coincidences have a mind of their own and don't come on tap exactly when you want them to' and to my mind this is true - but I do feel that we can cause coincidences or synchronicity to happen in a general way.

By this I mean that it's probably not easy for most of us to say, "I'll have a wonderful coincidence today," and, wham, it'll happen - though it just might.

However what we can do is to visualise things we want to happen. Let's say we want some information or perhaps, say, a sum of money or a new romance. If we visualise properly then these wishes, dreams etc. will come about. The time they take to arrive can be the more difficult bit. This depends on many factors, including our belief that such things can actually happen.

It's this kind of visualisation and demands which very often causes coincidences or synchronicity. I gave an example of this in my post The Secret Answer To problems And Questions.

The Universe (or call it as you will) tries to fill our requests - if they are clear and precise. And sometimes, to do this, coincidences are used as an aid to bring these about. We might bump into someone - maybe an old friend, be given a book or newspaper, see something in a movie or in a myriad of other ways.

To cut it short visualisation, knowing what we want and demanding/requesting this of the 'Universe' can bring about coincidences and synchronicity.

Years ago I used to fill scrap books with pictures of the things I wanted in life. At the time this helped with my visualisation clarity and, sure enough, most of them are now incorporated within my life style today: my family, my home and income, the part of the country I now live, my freedom to do as I wish and so on.

It's all out there and coincidences and synchronicity can help us along the way.

And by coincidence I have just read that even Bruce Springsteen can be materialised. Yes, whatever we want can come about: spiritual, material or even The Boss!

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  1. Wish books! That's what I call them. Great post, Mike, and thanks for mentioning the boss story.

  2. Bruce Springsteen materialised. Mmmm lets see who I should start visualising!