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How The Virgin Mary Had A Child But Remained A Virgin

Virgin MaryThere is that old cliché about 'how God moves in mysterious ways'. This post is perhaps an illustration of this and how the Universe answers our questions in these mysterious ways.

The story is about a gentleman, Terry, who runs a hypnotherapy and meditation centre in the UK. He was in a discussion with a group of Roman Catholics and asked them about the Virgin Mary and how she could have possibly been a virgin. Their answer was along the lines that it was a miracle from God.

Terry couldn’t accept the answer so he asked the Universe about this in one of his meditation sessions. He did receive an answer - and in a mysterious way.

The following is how he found, what to him, was the answer to how Mary was a Virgin and had a child. It may not be want many Christians would want to hear but it’s always up to individuals as to what they believe - and we should respect everyone's beliefs.

Several days after meditating the Virgin question he met up with a friend who often visits his centre. The gentleman, I’ll call him Dave, was uneasy about an unusual experience his wife had undergone the previous afternoon.

His wife had decided to have an afternoon sleep on her bed. She swears, Dave claims, that she was wide awake when she actually felt herself leave her body, 'her inner self leaving her physical body.'

She stayed in the room for a few moments, feeling no fear other than bewilderment, as she looked down on what appeared to be her lifeless body lying on the bed. She then floated through the ceiling and up into space, which she thought of as travelling through time.

Dave continued, "Then she met my brother!"

At this stage he looked to be very embarrassed, and said that his wife is also very embarrassed about what had happened next: his wife and his brother made love. Afterwards she returned from the astral world to her bedroom and felt herself also return to her body. She is emphatic that she had not been to sleep and dreamt the whole experience.

Terry says this was the answer to his question about the Virgin Mary and was the Universe’s way of explaining how the virgin birth came about. In his words:

"The Virgin Mary left her physical body, went to the Astral Planes (Heaven) and conceived a child, possibly with no memory of doing so on her return, or thought it was a dream, or preferred to tell no one about it."

Terry adds, "Of course technically she was thus not a virgin, but in this man’s world of ours she most certainly was."

As a footnote to this story, Dave asked his brother about what had happened and he says he has no knowledge of the incident. He joked that he regretted that he had not had the same experience.

As a further footnote Terry concludes by saying, "Strange, coincidental things happen when you work alongside the supernatural."

Think of this story what you will - I guess you could put all sorts of different interpretations on it!

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  1. What a great explanation! Robert Monroe, in his book JOurneys out of the Body, talks about astral sex - I guess this story would fall in that category.

  2. i was brought up RC but left long ago. seems as good an explanation as any. but is it really so important that she was a virgin? i dont think it is.

  3. Anonymous16:04

    I find this whole post a stretch. This is all based on hearsay on the wife's part and faith and belief on the Mary part. I like your other posts much better.

  4. Anonymous07:16

    The word for Lord in Greek is kyrio - which means an owner or master and the word for virgin was parthenou which i doubt even meant "virgin", but if it did they probably knew how to do artificial insemination back then.

  5. The answer is found at the Qumran Monastery. Which was the headquarters of the Essenes. The Teacher of Righteousness set it up 175 years BC and through Astrological Star signs as the indicators of what to do next, he incorporated 1000's into his Monastery. Once a member, sex or procreation was forbidden. It was the Mystery School that taught people how to heal and cure.
    When Mary was chosen at the age of 7, it caused a stir in the community because little Mary's mother claimed she was a virgin birth too. And most believed little Mary was a 'bastard' of a single mom. Heavenly Sky Dwellers of which the Teacher of Righteousness was a member of,who started a group to bring forth a Teacher for the Age of Pieces needed another Heavenly Sky Dweller to teleport down and impregnate Mary, Just like her Mother had been, (not a coincidence as they dont exist, it happened for a reason) Angels can be Humanoid in form and one would never know. At the age of 16 Mary was impregnated and a Husband was needed. So all the Men available for marriage packed the great hall at Qumran to "draw lots" Joseph a 55 year old man drew the short straw. It caused an uproar such a mismatch, that they got all the men back in the hall and let a white Dove loose and sure enough it landed on the shoulders of Joseph and then all were happy. The Evil Catholic church buried the Dead Sea scrolls under Ratzingers Office of the Inquisition. Mary was a virgin birth just like Jesus. The extrasensory perception abilities and the Psychic energies of hands on healing were what was taught at the Qumran Monastery where the Christian Church BEGAN. So many coincidences there, it HAD to be buried.