Sunday, July 25

You Can't Force Synchronicity Or Coincidences

I don't always get things right but, for once, I couldn't care less because I have a beautiful, perfect grandson. I took this photo when he was just seven hours old and he is definitely the most beautiful baby in the world - well since his dad (my son) was born anyway!

So what did I get wrong? Well I thought he was bound to be born on the 6th of July (i.e. 6/7, the significant numbers in my life) or at least be 7lbs 6ozs, or vice versa, in weight but he wasn't. It reminded me that you can't force synchronicity or coincidences. They don't often work that way. They happen when they want to happen, at the right moment. They can't be programmed, all we can do is observe.

Sometimes we may get precognitions but again they usually appear when they want to. I'm beginning to ramble but, so what, granddads do this, don't they?


  1. He's a handsome little thing! Congratulations!! You're so right about not being able to force synchos.

    wv on this one: suess
    As in Dr. Seuss?

  2. many congrats. full head of hair as well.

  3. Another congrats from me. Isn't he lovely, makes me feel quite broo... there again maybe not!

  4. Aaawwwwww....what a lovely little boo-bear; thank you for sharing grampaw. Who knows, the sync may be buried in numbers (i.e. time of birth, room number, floor of hospital, street address.....)

    Congratulations to all of you. Isn't it thrilling to think that he might live to see the next century dawn? Ahhh, the wonders that await. Blessed Be.

    wv: tandoon

  5. Anne Marie19:39

    Well if he was born on 7/24 2+4=6, 7/6 after a fashion. Congratulations!