Sunday, August 15

Beware - The Aliens Have Arrived!

Bluebottle larva
The aliens have arrived - with thanks to the Science Photo Library for these sensational genuine photos. They are life, but not as we know it and they could well be coming your way soon.

An alien?
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  1. what on earth are they.

  2. Glad you asked, Tom, it's the head of a maggot (larva) of a bluebottle fly (Protophormia sp.)

  3. You really had me there Mike...these creatures are ugly. I must do a google search on them so I know what to do when they arrive in my neck of the woods. Yikes!

  4. Anonymous07:10

    Awesome. I love cruising through science sights for the rare and unseen.

  5. Thanks - I love these sort of photos. It makes me wonder about life in genera. These minute larva have such amazing detail.