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67 Not Out Readers Coincidences - 2

A selection of coincidences or synchronicity received from 67 Not Out readers:

The first coincidence is from Colin Taylor - you can also see a previous coincidence from Colin at The Riddle Of Epicurus.

The Henry Rawlinson Coincidence
"I recently went to see a performance of Sir Henry at Rawlinson End in Liverpool - taken from an album made in the 1970's by Vivian Stanshall of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.

Sadly Viv died in a house fire on 5th March, 1995 - exactly 100 years to the day that the real Sir Henry Rawlinson died (5th March 1895). Quite a coincidence."

-Colin Taylor

American Pickers TV Coincidence
"I was reading one of your posts from a long time back, which said when once you start getting interested in coincidences, you see them everywhere.

Not even half an hour later, I walked downstairs to find my mom watching a TV show called American Pickers, the episode titled 'Easy Riders'. They had bought a motorcycle from a random guy, and brought it to a shop to be fixed up.

The mechanic, while fixing the bike found a old picture from the shop, which showed the exact same motorcycle had been fixed there years ago.

Its amazing that this old bike ended up in the same shop by coincidence, even though it had passed through many hands over the years.

This also made me think about how many coincidences probably happen, but no one notices them. The guy on the show just happened to find the old picture of the bike. He could have easily not found it, and no one would ever know the coincidence occurred - just thought you might find that interesting."

- Merideth

The Old Man And Archway Coincidence
"I was a wandering down an (admittedly very picturesque) narrow curved street in Siena.

In the distance there was an old man walking with a cane, and he'd just passed under an arch with a stone missing. I thought it made a nice mood photo, no landmark, nothing special.

Years later a friend was showing me photos from her recent European vacation, and though hers is closer and mine from a greater distance, she'd photographed the same man, in similar clothes, on the same street, under the exact same archway.

Maybe this guy wandered that same street for decades, but still ... the two photos side by side are pretty amazing.


Unfortunately I don't have a copy of the photo for publication

A Coincidence or A Haunting?
"My wife's grandmother passed away at 2:30am that morning, on that same day at 12:30 pm, two of my children heard a crashing sound, only for the mirror clock to have fallen off the wall breaking a ceramic rabbit. Then to their amazement, a miniature rocking horse was swiped off of the stereo speaker in front of their eyes.

Scared, they tried to contact my wife who was at work. At the same time another daughter was on the computer. they entered the room only to see a miniature birdhouse, located on a shelf on the wall, swiped off nearly striking the daughter at the computer.

Very frightened she gets off the computer and goes calls my wife. They then all get out of the house and go to the neighbors, until my wife comes home to witness the damage created.

I came home from work and witnessed it for myself. My kids are old enough, they don't mess with their mothers favorite things.

Is it possible the grandmother's spirit was trying to tell the children something,
was there a pattern with the favorite things, or just a coincidence?"

-Name withheld

A Comic Coincidence
"I am a comic fan. Sometimes in comics there are special seasons when the artists draw beautiful covers worth of hanging in a wall.

In one of those seasons, I had to buy some comics twice because I wanted to keep a copy, and rip the cover of the other copy to hang it on my wall.

This was not a problem, but one day I ran out of money. I had to buy one last comic, which was a special one, and it wasn’t cheap. I bought one copy, because I couldn’t afford to buy two copies.

While walking home, I was happy to have all the comics I wanted, but I was a bit sorry because I didn’t have money to buy another copy of that special comic so that I could frame and hang it in my room.

And now comes the strange coincidence:

The comic I bought had two covers. It was a mistake by the printers. It put two covers in that exact copy of the special comic, which ended in my hands, one of the few people that specifically needed two covers.

- Alvaro

Many thanks to contributors for your interesting coincidences.

If you have experienced an interesting or unusual coincidence or synchro, and would like it to be published on 67 Not Out, please use the Contact Link at the head of this blog. Thanks - Mike.

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  1. Another interesting collection of stories.

  2. Good ones, Mike! These stories really show the scope and variety of synchros.