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The 25 Ghosts Of Wymering Manor

Wymering Manor, PortsmouthI realise this isn't a property blog but Wymering Manor, Portsmouth, England is up for sale.

Why mention this? Simply because the house, dating back to at least 1042, comes with it's own set of ghosts and even includes a ghostly choir of nuns. It's extremely spooky!

The price at auction should be around £375,000 (about US$545,000) but think what you'll get for your cash, even if it is a bit run down and needing some loving care.

There's the aforementioned choir of nuns. The first sighting was back in 1958 by the then owner, Leonard Metcalfe. He regularly saw them crossing the hall at midnight and chanting as they went. It is believed these are the Sisterhood of St Mary the Virgin who visited the manor back in the 19th century.

Then there is the disembodied hand who might just touch you on your shoulder. This only happens in what is called the Panelled Room. Several have been afraid to stay in the room, especially if alone. In fact security guards, at the now empty property, refuse to work at the house alone.

The ghost of Reckless Roddy visits the house whenever there is a new wife present at the property. The story goes that, back in the Middle Ages, a husband brought his pretty young wife to the manor but had to go away on business. Hearing about this Sir Roderick of Porchester set about trying to seduce this 'lonely' young wife.

Wymering Manor staircaseThe husband returned unexpectedly and caught Reckless Roddy in the act of seduction. He tried to escape, jumped on his horse but the husband managed to catch him - and that was the end of Sir Roderick. The horse is often still heard galloping away up the lane in the early hours of the morning.

And so the stories of Wymering Manor continue. It is said that there are between 20 and 30 spirits in the house including childen laughing and whispering.

The good news is that a former owner of the property, David Scanlan, says that the spirits 'seem to be quite nice and quite friendly and it's almost like we get on with them and they tolerate us.'

Wymering Manor is packed full of history and was mentioned in the Domesday Book. King Edward the Confessor and King William the Conqueror have resided in the building.

Unfortunately if you do want to put in a bid you'll also need another £150,000+ ($220,000+) to restore the property. It is a protected Grade II listed building.

With such a long history there are bound to be strong emotions and happenings captured within the walls. Some will be just that. Similar to photos or a video from the past, it may be possible to tune in to them - if you have the right 'wavelength' or sensitivity. Other sightings may well be genuine spirits attached to the property.

There are several Wymering Manor ghost videos on YouTube but none of the ones I watched were all that convincing. But most ghosts or spirits aren't easy to capture on film. If you actually owned the property goodness knows what you might be able to prove.

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  1. 25 ghosts! This must be some sort of record!

  2. Would love to spend a night there, better not ask if you fancy it (ghost hunting obviously!)

  3. What a fascinating place. It's hard to imagine a place standing since 1042. Of course it would have ghosts and left over energy. Can you imagine the stories of all the generations of people who have lived in the manor?

    I must admit to "feeling" the energy of places before we buy or rent. One place we looked at in Portland, Oregon gave me the creeps as soon as I entered the home. I found out later that the people had gone through a bitter divorce. The home felt extremely cold and unwelcoming.

  4. Nancy: I think some houses and places do have an atmosphere of maybe good or bad. It's probably important to go with our feelings.

    As for the Manor I see they have been running over night 'ghost tours' to the building while it's empty - might be okay for you, Suzie!

  5. karen19:22

    anyone know who i can contact in regard to doing an investigation myself in this house ?

  6. Anonymous15:21

    Hey. I am a paranormal researcher myself. I haven't come across this info. Thanks for sharing. BTW are u the author of www,ghostsonyourback.wordpress.com

  7. Anonymous above: The blog you mention isn't anything to do with me. Thanks for the visit - Mike.

  8. Ricki04:12

    Hi. I actually grew up minutes from this place. In fact, my sister was married at the church yards opposite and both my parents passed away within a one minute walk from there. I don't know about the ghost stories but the history can actually be traced to Saxon and even Roman times. Fascinating place.