Friday, September 10

Symbols From Crop Circle Grains When Used For Baking

The following is part of a letter from Les Broad of Denbigh, England and, though this wasn't the intention, it raises a question I hadn't thought about regarding crop circles.

"... this reminded me of a bakery with which I was associated a decade ago that was faced with a most curious problem.

Dough, prepared perfectly normally, was placed in the ovens with the expectation that ordinary, unremarkable loaves would emerge. But the resulting products had interesting, but meaningless symbols on their crusts.

It was a phenomenon that lasted only a week or so and never recurred. The loaves were perfectly edible; in fact they were sold at a premium.

No explanation was ever put forward for this curiosity - the ovens were operating normally and none of the staff could have been responsible.

It remains a mystery to this day. Mind you, we did track the history of the flour and discovered that it had been milled from grain grown in fields with crop circles!

There are numerous theories about how corn circles come about: man made, vortexes, UFOs, alien messages etc. etc. but what effects are there, if any, when the grain is used for baking or whatever? Do strange symbols occur, does it taste the same and so on?

Dr. William Levengood from the University of Michigan claims that the plants, in genuine crop circles, undergo changes and this includes a swelling of the nodes (knuckle like joints on the stems). Okay, so the nodes may alter but what about the actual grains?

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  1. Wow! This sheds a whole new light on crop circles, Mike.

  2. you have hit on something here mike. wonder why it hasnt been thought about before.

  3. Anonymous16:58

    I believe that genuine corn circles are made by an alien force but have never wondered about the grains of the corn until now. This is interesting and I will try and do some research to see if anyone else has an answer. Nice blog.

  4. Anonymous18:20

    Dr. Levengood? Seriously?

  5. Mike - how is grain tracked in the UK? I'm curious about that part of the story, how this train was tracked back to the crop circle.

  6. Anonymous04:09

    Wow. How cool that Dr. Levengood is applying hard science to this, and finding interesting data.

  7. Trish and Rob: I'm not exactly sure but as I understand it small bakers can obtain grain from particular farmers which is traceable.