Thursday, September 9

A Ride In A Taxi Coincidence

A coincidence story today, which I received via email, from Cheryl.

taxi coincidenceI have a coincidence to share with others. It is more of an overwhelming odds situation, but aren’t all coincidences that?

I was sharing a house in Berkeley, California with a few women in the early 90’s. One of my room-mates was an activist for the organization Rainforest Action Network. She often travelled for conferences and meetings, and one week had the occasion to go to Philadelphia, my home town.

While in Philadelphia, she caught a taxi. The taxi driver started up a friendly conversation with her, inquiring where she was from. When she answered, "Berkeley, California," the driver replied enthusiastically, "Oh, that’s funny, I have a
daughter in Berkeley, California. She went to UC Berkeley, and is now a video producer."

It didn’t take them long to discover that the taxi driver was my father.

My Dad called me that night to ask me who I thought had been in his cab that day. Originally, I guessed famous people, thinking that was his angle.

"Think about who you know that’s close to you, who you see every day, that could be in Philadelphia." he said. I was totally stumped, and finally he told me, "Your room-mate!" He asked me to ask my mathematician friends what the odds of such a thing happening were.

Well I never found out the true odds, or how one would arrive at such a conclusion. My Dad is no longer with us to marvel at this coincidence, but it was one of our all time favorite cab stories - as well as a 'famous' coincidences in our lives.


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  1. Love this one! The odds, oh, the odds are incredible!

  2. another good un

  3. Okay Mike, I've held off long enough but this story reminded me of a comment/story I'd left on Trish and Rob's blog way back (almost a year ago) about my own "what are the odds" synchro:

    Check out my comment about a reunion after 10 years with a 4th grade best friend:

    As I've re-read my story I'm astounded at the odds (still):

    1)I meet a guy who lives on campus whose good friend across the hall (same dorm, same floor, door is directly across from his)

    2) whose sweetheart is the girl who was my best friend in 4th grade!!

    Keep in mind: I didn't live on campus; I was a 'commuter' student from north Houston (30 miles from campus.)

    I met the 'boyfriend' (who later became my first husband) in a very weird twist of fate involving my arriving late to class on a Friday afternoon and the only vacant seat was next to him!

    As I hesitated in the doorway, he looked up and nodded that the seat next to him was unoccupied. It was the last remaining seat in a small classroom!

    Ahhh, the twists and turns of fate or destiny.

    Are some meetings 'meant to be'??

    wv: hallas

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