Thursday, September 23

A Talking Stick Coincidence In Hawaii

Hawaiian talking stickWhen we want something special sometimes all we have to do is ask. Gill Edwards, author of the book Stepping into the Magic, reminded me of this. Gill is also a clinical psychologist and a practising metaphysician.

Often we make life difficult when in fact we should perhaps relax, have faith and let the Universe / Spirit / God take the strain.

In Gill's case she was on a trip from England to Honolulu and put in her request, to what she calls Spirit, that she would find a 'talking stick' while in Hawaii.

A talking stick is used in many cultures. This is passed round a group or circle giving the holder the right to speak without being interrupted. The Hawaiian name for their talking stick is Paoa, which means 'talking from the tree.' The more the Paoa is used the more powerful it becomes.

Gill wanted to find a female talking stick: "curved, gnarled and comfortable to hold."

She combed the Hawaiian beaches for a week without any success. Then one afternoon she walked past the beach hut where she slept at night and stopped in amazement. By coincidence lying on the bottom step of the hut, as if carefully placed there by hand, was a beautiful talking stick.

Gill stresses that she hadn't told anyone that she was looking for a talking stick. She goes on to say, "I gave thanks to Spirit, and have used the talking stick in workshops ever since. Many people have commented on its powerful energy."

If we ask the Universe - or whatever you would prefer to call this - will do it's utmost to fulfill the request, often aided by coincidences and synchronicity.


  1. Good one, Mike! It all begins with the request, doesn't it?

  2. Haven't heard about a talking stick before but sounds interesting. If I ever get to Hawaii I'll look out for one. I think the comment above is right, we have to ask or request what we want. If you don't ask you don't get, and that applies to a lot of things in life.

  3. Next time in Maui, I'll be looking for my very own talking stick. Thank you for this post today, I needed a touch of magic.

  4. Hi

    Thank you so much for this post. I'm in beautiful, magical Hawaii and I'm going to be holding events, retreats etc. and decided a talking stick woudl be wonderful to use, so as you do, I googled 'Hawaii talking stick' and hey presto I synchronistically, fortuitously found your post.

    Thank you. Mahalo.

    I have now asked for my beautiful Hawaiian one.

    Love, light n magic,

    Geraldine x