Tuesday, October 19

A Billion To One Perfect Round Egg

Round eggI remember writing a couple of egg posts a while back. There was Eggs On To Be A Coincidence and Eggs On To Be A Second Coincidence. Well the eggs-citing news is, here's another egg story - though I think I'll miss out on the naff egg yokes, sorry jokes.

Now they say that the odds of this happening is about a billion to one. Not sure who works out these stats but, anyway, a chef found a completely round egg. A normal chicken egg, that is.

The guy, James Church, lives here in Cornwall and was preparing breakfasts for the Hotel Bristol, where he works in Newquay - and there it was: a perfectly round egg.

James said, "I've probably cracked at least 100,000 eggs in my time as a chef but I've never seen one like this. I managed to save it from the frying pan and I'm definitely going to keep it."

He went on to tell the Daily Mail, "We get trays of free range eggs delivered in the morning and I was cracking them ready to make breakfast for the guests. I pulled out one tray and spotted this perfectly round egg. I stood for a few moments in awe because I had never seen anything like it. I called everyone in the kitchen over and they stood around it too, because they had never seen anything like it either."

So, there you go, a billion to one coincidence - or will more round eggs come to light?

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  1. Good one. Maybe it's some sort of new synchro trend!

  2. eggs-actly - this is asking for egg jokes. Have you heard the story about the three eggs? no? too bad.