Wednesday, October 13

Coincidence Clusters And Beating The Coin Tossing Odds

coin tossing or flippingAs you will have gathered I believe that the majority of coincidences are meaningful. But, how come, they often arrive in clusters, as Trish and Rob call them? With this in mind I took to coin tossing!

If we toss a coin, for example, the odds of a Head or a Tail are 2/1 every time the coin is tossed. But strange things happen if you, say, toss a coin 100 times - which I have just done!

Tossing a coin this many times should, you would have thought, produce a pattern of Heads, Tails, Heads, Tails or maybe a couple of times Heads or Tails. What happens in reality though is that you get runs of 3s, 4s, 5s, and even a 6, in my own experiment, of Heads or Tails.

Coin tossing, like life, can jog along at a regular level: with one or two Heads, Tails or Coincidences. But then something happens and suddenly there is a string or cluster of several coming all at once. When this does occur, the odds of this actually happening are quite high.

So occasionally we beat the odds in life and get a cluster of coincidences or good fortune. To me this is cyclic.

If you have ever played cards you'll know that some days the cards will fall right and you can win almost every hand. Other times you might just as well not play, as there seems to be little chance of ever winning.

And this is life. It's why I have always maintained that when you are on a roll, and things are going well, you make the most of this. Your luck is in and whatever you do will turn out fine, whether that be making lots of sales if a sales person, feeling happy all day long or just having some time when everything works out perfectly. And we all get these good runs.

Adversely we get the not so good days as well when the car won't start, the toast catches on fire, we get stuck in a traffic jam and so on. It's Heads, Tails, Heads, Tails ...

Life is like that for most of us: various shades of good and bad.

As I've already said I feel we should make the best of the good times. When we are on top, play it for all it's worth and enjoy the experience - in a non selfish way, of course!

I personally think that the bad times are our tests, and it's how we handle these that dominates how often they come round and how long the good times will last.

So, things are not going too well. The toast burns - joke about it. You get stuck in a queue - smile. Don't get sucked into becoming one of those long faces moaning and grumbling. Handle the rough with good humour and, dare I say the word - love. Believe that life will get better - soon.

I feel that if we handle the difficult times properly they become less frequent and the good times lengthen.

Unfortunately at times we may have sorrows that are hard to get over, but we can still handle them with positivity and dignity.

I guess what I've taken a roundabout way to say is that things, such as coincidences, do come in clusters. It's the way life works. Life works in cycles. Enjoy the highs. Respect and smile at the lows. This way you could well get a run of six or even more Heads or Tails. It is possible to beat the odds.

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  1. Wonderful post! I've never tried tossing a coin a hundred times. Your results are intriguing.

  2. facinating stuff mike. i can see the idea behind cycles i know i get good and bad spells in daily life. i like the theory.

  3. Love the post Mike---waxing philosophical suits you!