Thursday, April 4

Coincidence Of Repeatedly Seeing The Numbers 711

An emotional coincidence or syncronicity story today from Victoria. She would be interested in any feedback or thoughts as to why she has seen the numbers mentioned in her story.

Nearly ten years ago, I knew this guy from High School. We were not friends, but he was very popular and everyone knew him. I disliked him because I found him to be very loud and obnoxious. I had never spoken to him. About a year after leaving High School, I had a dream that he was in my house having beers with my friends. The next weekend, he was in my house having beers with my house-mates, turns out that one of my house-mates friends' was friends with him.

Anyway, I started to get to know him and become friends with him and went out clubbing with him and his friends. We ended up as a couple and we were together for a few years. He was very troubled and he had sadness in his heart. He was unable to function normally in a relationship, we broke up but remained friends since.

Throughout our relationship, he would always see the numbers 7 11 on the clock, then I started to always see it too. Not just on the clock, it would be in many things, such as train times, use by dates on food etc. When we broke up, I would see the numbers when he was upset, even though we wouldn't have spoken for a couple of weeks. Every time I saw the numbers, I would call him and there would be something wrong.

So about six years later, in November of 2011 I started seeing the numbers a lot more than usual. The orange juice carton I had bought had the use by date of 7 11 11. I started to worry because when I called him, his phone was always off. I left messages, but he never returned my calls. I had a dream that he was crying and asking for my forgiveness, I hugged him and gave him my forgiveness. A couple of days later, I got a call from my friend and she said that they had found his body and that he had taken his own life. The date of death was 7 11 2011.

I have since had many dreams about how things could have gone differently for him, dreams that he was alive had he chosen a different path. I think that he was predicting his own death without really knowing it, and had he not chosen to take his life that day that he would have died some other way.

I don't understand why I was also seeing the numbers. I thought that maybe it was because I could have saved him somehow but now I believe that it was his fate to die that day. He was a very important person in my life and he made me the person I am today.

I tried to help him but he didn't want help from anyone. So I am still perplexed as to why I saw the numbers. I don't see the numbers as often any more. Since he died I've seen the numbers only a handful of times, but when I do I say hello to him just in case he is there in that minute.

~ Victoria

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  1. Hi Mike... a bit spooky and ~ interesting, though I have no answers or guesses, even. My best to Victoria.

    Now I'm off to read about the number 23... for me.

  2. Personally,and I know I'm opening up a big can of worms here,but I have given this subject about 30 years worth of thought and I think when Victoria says she believes that when your number is up,it's up,is true.
    I think the number 711 was a prophetic sign to both of you.If you are familiar with Bruce Lee's life story,you would have heard that he had dreams where he was shown the headstone and date of his death on his future grave,which from what I have heard turned out to be true.

    A lot of people will try to tell you that if you commit suicide you'll go to hell and all such BS.I don't believe this for one second...why? Because about 30 years ago I tried to kill myself,but failed,not because I pulled out of it at the last moment,I went through with it.That's all I'm going to say about it,because it's not something I'm proud of,or ashamed of,it's just a dark chapter of my life and I hope to never be there again.

    I know people who did succeed with their attempt,if that's the right word for it,and while I don't condone suicide,I certainly don't condemn it either.It's just a tragic life experience that maybe in the bigger overall game plan was something that the soul had to experience in an earthly life.And I wouldn't wish that experience for anyone,because after it you'll know what the dark night of the soul is all about and you'll never forget it.

    Believe me most people in this situation don't fully want to die,if they can see a way out.
    There is always a part no matter how small that wants to live.
    I know,not think...I know from first hand experience that it is possible to be conscious outside of the body,so I fully believe death is not the end,but that's about all that I could state with confidence.The rest is just as big a mystery to me as it is for most of us,but I certainly don't believe in a hell.
    Sure there are hellish experiences we all face in life and in death,but I don't believe in the biblical hell anymore than I believe in the Easter Bunny.
    Sorry to ramble on,but I do think that when you fail to kill yourself your number wasn't up,and when you do that was the way life was meant to be.
    I'm not trying to be fatalistic about it,but over many years off deep thought about life I think when you get hit by the lightning strike from out of the blue,or can't shake the fatal disease,or whatever it is that kills you,
    that's life.
    You should never beat yourself up about how you think you could have saved someone's life either.I know it's human nature to do so,but I know that the only person that could save me all those years ago was me.Nobody else could have if I didn't want to be saved.
    I'm not saying people shouldn't try to save someone,but when they are gone they are gone...well from this mortal existence,anyway.

    I hope this comment is some comfort to you Victoria,as I felt I should speak up having been through this unpleasant and hurtful situation myself.The hurt is not a personal hurt as such,but a grieving hurt for the pain you put your loved ones through,before and after...especially if you succeed.
    Most people only do it to escape the living hell that they perceive their life to be at the time,and only someone who has been there and done that can fully understand that situation.

    No matter how s#!++y life gets,one thing I guarantee is John Lennon was right when he said we all shine on.
    Maybe 711 is a code for you now to tell you just that ?
    Whatever you feel in your heart,go with that.
    In my experience the heart is always smarter than the head.
    Well,maybe because my head's not that smart anyway ?-)
    I really didn't want to write this comment here,but I felt you should hear it from someone who has been through this dark valley.
    Maybe next time you see 711 you'll see it as something positive,as a cryptic message that there is much more to life than what meets the eye?

    1. Thank you Darren for taking the time to write such a heart felt comment. I hope it is of some help to Victoria and maybe to others as well.

      There's something I could add to your comment (not about me personally, but about a loved one) but unlike you I'm not brave enough to do so at the moment

  3. all i remember were 711 stores that were open from 7 to 11. liked brizdaz comment

    1. I've heard of those stores too, think they started in the US.

  4. Wow, Daz pretty much says it all. Perhaps when Victoria sees the numbers now, it's her friend stopping by to say hello.

    1. Agreed - Darren has said so much - a wise man.

  5. I agree with Trish that Victoria should feel 711 represents her friend.

    When I studied numerology in the past, I chose one word to represent numbers so that when I see patterns I can associate it with a simple message. So for me: 7 = spiritual 11 = illumination.

    1. Spiritual illumination: like the sound of that for Victoria and her friend.

  6. Here's one for you Mike,I was going to put a reference to the Monty Python song
    "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" in my comment,but I talked myself out of it,even though I felt I should have made reference to it for some reason.
    I didn't give much more thought to it until I went to comment on a cartoon that was put up by another blogger -

    This was the word verification code that I had to enter to get the comment to go up as a comment -
    moswelc 6767
    So I thought I should share it with you as it seemed to be a cosmic wink in my book.-)

    1. Thank you for your long reply to Victoria. I could not agree more on each of your points.
      I also followed the tekgnostics link ... yap says it all and goes well with the Monty Python song.

  7. Looks like the universe is still playing games,as to get the following comment up I had to type -
    oitpubm 2711
    into the word verification.

    1. Always look on the bright side of life - it was appropriate for me. On the 4th I had some results from the doctor of an x-ray and scan I had as a follow up to my op and was feeling a bit down. The 6767 (and the 2711) made me smile - thanks! Can't beat a good cosmic wink!

  8. Sorry to hear about this story but what a beautiful Soul Victoria is. I study 11:11 and repeating numbers for a living in Brisbane. Seeing 711 is a sign of Spirit nearby, it can suggest someone's numerology, that they are at a turning point, and to trust in Divine Order. Like all language, it depends on the context. I have 100's of articles on numerology and spirituality on my site. Thanks Mike for sharing xx from Sarah Yip (The Numbers Queen on facebook)

    See: as an example

  9. I have made many videos about 711, I am about to make another! I too have gone through many numbers, started with 23, 11, 111, 666, 911, and 711 without question! My 711 story will blow you away!!! Truthiracy3 (YouTube)