Tuesday, October 5

The Sixth Sense Between Soul Mates

Paula Byrne made me smile when she wrote in the Daily Mail newspaper a few days ago, 'My husband and I have got sixth sense. The trouble is, I don't always want to know what he's thinking!'

Unfortunately my wife is the opposite, she likes to know what I'm thinking and again, unfortunately, often does!

Paula is convinced that she and her husband are 'soul mates' and, because of this, they have a telepathic connection. She says that when apart they will pick up the phone and call each other at precisely the same time and often to share exactly the same thought or idea.

She gives an example of this when they were deciding if they should make a huge life changing decision, which involved moving and changing jobs. She spent a night fretting about the decision.

As her husband was abroad on business she telephoned him and told him: 'Don't worry, trust me, we must do this. It will all be okay. I've got a strong feeling it will all work out.'

He straight away said: 'That's just what I was about to say to you. I was dialling you when the phone rang.

Paula describes her telepathy with her husband as being 'strange and inexplicable'. She says that since they met sixteen years ago (when they were both married to other people) there was a strange feeling of completion and of 'oneness'.

It was as if Plato's lost twin myth was true. The philosopher told of how we are born as only half of our true selves and wander the earth until we find our twin - our lost other half or soul mate.

Paula believes that this is why telepathy works through some couples. It's simply because they are in fact one. They have found their other half and as such are complete.

This telepathy between linked halves is different from simply being in sync with someone and anticipating their thoughts or feelings. Many couples, if they live together for a long period, begin to mirror each others thoughts. But with a soul mate or Plato's twin it is more than this, far more and could be described as paranormal.

Paula also tells of the time when her second child fell desperately ill with kidney failure. There was another telepathic moment. She asked the doctor if the disease was genetic. That evening she looked at her husband and, without her saying a word, he said, "Yes, you're right, of course we should have another child."

Right from the start of their relationship there was an instant connection and a feeling of, "Oh, so there you are." They had shared tastes, the same favourite piece of music, poem, painting and same favourite Beatle (George).

Telepathy works between soul mates. Another example can be seen in the post Telepathy Between Husband And Wife.

And going back to Paula and her husband, their child Ellie had a kidney transplant which was successful. They both 'knew' she was okay after the operation.

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  1. Terrific story. It seems we share telepathic connections more than we realize - with a partner, child, people to whom we're close. I always liked Plato's take on it, though. Makes perfect sense to me.

  2. havent been with my partner for all that long but she does often know what im thinking or maybe we are just thinking along similar lines. not sure if i believe entirely in soul mates though.

  3. Anonymous05:09

    me and my boyfriend of 1 year often call or text eachother the same times or when i think about him i get a text from him and bisversa :)

  4. Anonymous01:01

    I followed my partner down the hall towards the front door ..... She had been ill that morning, so I said " I hope that was just a hiccup this morning " and at the moment I said the word " hiccup " she hiccuped !! She turned with a look of total astonishment, and I said " there's telepathy, and there's TELEPATHY !! we fell about laughing. But seriously, what are the odds of this being a coincidence ? This happens all the time.

  5. Anonymous16:13

    great stories, this way I doesn't feel awkward sharing this :)
    my ex and I had the same things, telepathic senses,texting at the same moments to say the exact things or just" thinking of u", running into each other in the corridors ( we works in the same place), finishing each other sentences, having the same tastes in pretty much everything, once I said jokking If I were a man I would be just like you but shorter", we have the same dreams, find ourselves thinking of each others at the same times, we just know if one of us needs a hug needs a kiss or whatever, I was once feeling very down, the moment he saw me he just put his arms around me and just said Im with u, that was all I was thinking about that I needed a hug to feel safe in his arms, so may episodes like that...
    I just say that I feel him, what ever that means, feels when he is sad, angry happy, sick, or whatever he is going through... when we were together it was easy to know, but it's not the case now since we r no longer together, but whatever he was going through I just know it after a while.
    anyway there are things once can never understands just follow your heart,