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The Ancients Secret Transmitters Of Energy

Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral
I guess I've had an interest in ley lines tucked away at the back of my mind for many years. While on my recent break, however, these were brought to the forefront when I visited Stonehenge, Old Sarum and Salisbury Cathedral. There's nothing like experiencing things to make them become more real.

Salisbury Cathedral - Old Sarum - Stonehenge Ley Line
Salisbury, Old Sarum, Stonehenge ley line
These three places I visited are all in a straight line, supposedly on one of the many ley lines that exist throughout England and, of course, the rest of the world.

Old Sarum with spire of Salisbury Cathedral on middle of horizon
Old Sarum with Salisbury Cathedral spire in distance
The modern idea of ley lines is usually attributed to Alfred Watkins who, in 1926, realised that standing stones, stone circles, earthworks and prehistoric mounds are found in straight lines.

All Watkins was really doing, however, was re-discovering what ancient and previous cultures had always known.

The Wikipedia definition for ley lines is that they 'are hypothetical alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths. An archaeologist would probably say that these lines were ceremonial or sacred ways that linked the Great Houses or Ritual Centres.

Stonehenge MysteryFor many though there is more to ley lines than this - they are energy lines. If true this would make Stonehenge extremely powerful as the monument is a crossing point for 14 ley lines. Maybe this is why the various stone circles were built: to be transmitters of energy. They were erected where the earth's energy could be tapped.

This could explain why many stones are said to have healing powers. I mentioned this when writing about the Cornish Men-an-Tol Stones.

Meditation and visualisation are often given a boost when undertaken at such places. Things happen at powerful ley line energy centres.

Peter Thornborrow tells of how walking through the stone circle called 'Long Meg and Her Daughters' in Cumbria he felt dizzy. He described this as if he was 'not really there ... not really in the same time.' He leaned against one of the stones to steady himself and felt what he described as 'an electric shock.'

It's also interesting that UFO sightings are often reported near to ley lines and ancient monuments. There was a case I wrote about: UFOs and King Arthur's Castle at Tintagel.

If we look quickly at ancient cultures, many have their equivalent. The Australian Aborigines talk of paths called turingas and say that at certain times of the year these are energised and revitalise the surrounding countryside.

The Incas had spirit lines known as ceques.

The Germans have Heilige Linien. Teutberger Wald has a large network of these lines which include the megalithic stone circle at Bad Meinberg.

I suppose we should ask why main stream science doesn't take ley lines and possible transmitters of energy seriously. So many cultures and countries have their own versions going back thousands of years. Surely this alone should encourage investigation.

Old Sarum
OLD SARUM: Old Sarum stands high above Salisbury Plain and is one of the most important landmarks in the history of Wessex. It is an Iron Age hill fort and Norman fortress. The photo below shows the deep ditch that surrounded the walls. You can just make out the spire of Salisbury Cathedral in the centre of the horizon. The picture above shows how Old Sarum would once have looked.

The ditch and wall around Old Sarum

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  1. Oh, I'm so envious! I would love to do this kind of trip. The photos are great. Did you have any kinds of experiences while visiting these locations?

  2. These are wonderful photos. I think I would love to visit these sights but have heard that you must view them from a distance. The stones are not to be touched...is this true?
    My neighbor once told me that the area I lived in had a geological map and showed that the ground area map was a vortex...she claimed it brought in energy to us. The flow of energy comes from above and below....very interesting those ley lines. There is a map floating around online that connects all the ley lines around the world. It really makes me wonder what might be possible with more knowledge of their purpose.
    Thanks for this thought provoking post...just what I needed this morning. Have a great day.

  3. Trish & Rob: Must admit this is the sort of trips I enjoy. I didn't have any great experience at Stonehenge because nowadays the public are kept too far away from the stones. The Cathedral and Old Sarum were different as it's possible to touch and virtually do as you wish.

    maggie's garden: Spot on about Stonehenge nowadays. Visitors are kept quite a distance away plus there is usually too many people at the monument. Even in October the car park was full and there were coaches of Japanese and USA tourists.

    Luckily when I first went to the site it was possible to touch and walk amongst the stones and that was a whole different experience.

    I did a post about Stonehenge, with photos, here.

    Ley lines and energy are things that interest me greatly.


  4. Anonymous21:19

    You make some good points but ley lines are only theoretical. There is no proof that they are energy. Could be Holy Lines where people travelled between sites in a straight line, the simplist route. Roman roads in UK are all straight.

  5. Ironically, yesterday I was reading about the UK ley lines that connect to a tree grove less then 40 miles from Sandy Hook Elementary School... it 'seems' the shooting story was a hoax... but in the grove, at the same time, was a human sacrifice. ?? I'll try to find the link Mike. It was within the same week as the 60th Jubilee. Strange stuff, lol.