Wednesday, November 17

Special And Magical Numbers

Number 62I have written previously about numbers. One post was about the number 23 and another about what I consider to be my lucky numbers - sixes and sevens (or even sevens and sixes!). Much has been written on the Internet about 11:11, 33 and so on - all which supposedly have important significance.

The argument against such 'special' numbers is often that any number can be special - we just tend to notice it more, and ignore the other numbers that float in and out of our lives. So I thought I'd put this to the test!

First I had to choose a new important number that would show up in my life. So I picked one completely at random by writing out 0 to 9 on slips of paper. The first I chose - without looking - was 6 and then I picked a 2.

My new special or important number, therefore, was 62. I wanted to see if this would show up in my life.

Next morning I woke up, looked at the clock and it was 6:20 - this immediately made me remember my test.

Later that day I was looking for something about Sigmund Freud when I read that 'he was obsessed with the number 62, (and) was long convinced that he would die at this age.' Though he got this wrong and lived to 83.

But if 62 was important for Freud then I felt I was in good company!

Reading further I discovered that Freud believed in the magic of numbers and thought that important things happen to men in cycles of 23 and 28 days.

I thought I was on a run now with my 62s but that was it - nothing else appeared. So I went looking for it, but didn't find anything too exciting. Only run of the mill stuff like:

There are 62 counties in New York state.

62 is the international direct dialling code for Indonesia.

62 was Velvet Brown's winning raffle ticket number in the 1944 film National Velvet

62 is the atomic number of samarium.

In 62AD Emperor Nero married for the second time to Poppaea Sabina.

There were other bits and pieces but nothing of any real importance. Then, without waiting any further, I reached a conclusion about numbers:

(1) It's true that there are special numbers in our lives - but we don't choose these, they are 'given' to us.

(2) It is possible to pick out our own important number, but this will have no real magical significance - even if it comes up quite a lot in our everyday life. It's a 'false' misleading special or important number.

If we decide to choose something (not just numbers) it will appear in our lives - but it was always there - we just didn't notice it. An example of this would be if we have been talking about, say, a specific make of car then over the next few days - providing we are out and about - we'll 'see' them all over the place.

Our brain / mind receives so much data that it has to filter most of this out. What we see, or are aware of, is what is relevant to us. Start thinking or talking about something with enthusiasm and the brain / mind says, "Hey, this is important so I'll bring similar stuff to his or her attention. Or something like that.

As I see it, as far as numbers or symbols go, the special ones are from a higher level - any others are most likely a false dawn.

Anything real has a special 'feel' about it and we just know inside that it's right. So, for me, it's goodbye to 62.

This doesn't mean that we can't bring important items, happenings, people into our lives but that's a whole different subject.

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  1. Wonderful post! I think you're absolutely right about special numbers coming from some higher place. I'm going to try your little experiment, though, just to see what happens.

  2. That was interesting Mike. I suppose most of us have numbers which we think are lucky. Never really thought of these as being from a higher level.