Sunday, December 12

There Is Only Our Realisation Of How Things Are

It has been reported that police have caught the suspect who they believe may have absconded with millions of toys. They swooped in numbers to ensure he was apprehended. It is believed the man helping them with their enquiries is a Mr. S. Claus.

Santa Clause surrounded by police - coincidence pic
A witness was explaining to his wife all about the police raid, as they ate, and how bizarrely there were reindeer on the scene, one with a very red nose.

man with red nose coincidence photo
Well you can make up any story you like with these coincidence photos. Things are never quite what they seem in life either. There is no reality, there is only our realisation of how things are.

a rubbish peacock - coincidence picture
Devil of a job parking a car
in as shaft of light -coincidence photo
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  1. Funny! Love these photos. That one of the devil on the sidewalk behind the man is priceless.

  2. Good points made here.......

  3. great pics and a point well made