Friday, January 14

Psychic Predicts Million Pound Lottery Win

Lottery winnerSelf styled psychic 45 year old Ocean Kinge from Aldershot, UK is a dab hand at psychometry and can sense energies from other people's jewellery and the like - which she can then go on and describe.

But it wasn't her psychometry that told her she would win a million on the lottery she just felt this 'out of the blue'. So the 45 year old catering manager suggested to her work colleagues, "Let’s start a lottery syndicate because I’ve just got a really strong feeling we are going to win a big win at the end of the year."

She said of her premonition, "It was so strong I could feel it in my bones. I said it was going to be a million pounds – I just knew."

Some of her fellow workers joined and some, unfortunately, didn't and are now 'gutted'. Why? Because on Christmas eve Mrs. Kinge won £1,000,000 for the 15 strong syndicate and this worked out to the princely sum of £66,666.66 each. Her feeling had come to fruition.

Even though she 'knew' there would be a £1,000,000 win Mrs Kinge said, "When it actually happened, I still couldn’t believe it – it was just like a dream."

But there could be more good news for people living in her area as Ocean has now predicted, "There is going to be another big win, whether it’s another syndicate win or somebody I know or somebody in the area, in March. I just feel that."

I guess this story illustrates how we should follow our own feelings and premonitions - and act upon them.

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  1. Good for her! And how interesting, all those 6s!

  2. Wow! I wish I had been part of those friends.........great post!

  3. Just goes to show, we should follow those hunches...

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  4. Well, good for her! We should definitely follow our hunches! Not too helpful for someone like me, though, who tells people I'm intuitive and then get asked, "So why don't you win the lottery?" HA! ;)

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