Sunday, April 10

30 Year Laptop Coincidence

Coincidence computerA 67 Not Out reader's coincidence story today. Thanks David.

"I have worked for the same large national UK company (70,000+ employees) for just over thirty years. I started out as an apprentice as part of a small intake on 1st September 1980.

One day my company laptop went faulty so I reported this to our central IT department. A guy arrived to fix it a couple of days later. To my astonishment the laptop engineer turned out to be one of the other apprentices I had started with all those years ago.

Whilst he was fixing the laptop we talked about the old days and the other people we originally joined up with – some of whom had left many years since. We realised that it had to be at least 30 years since we had last seen each other.

Then I realised the date: 1st September 2010! Exactly thirty years to the day.

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  1. like the story.

  2. Anonymous14:56

    Good one! The date synchros seem to have an element of the trickster to them.

  3. What a neat coincidence :)