Saturday, April 9

The Love-Light Of The Mind For Protection


I remember in a book by Rebecca Clark called Micro-Mind Power, which I believe is now out of print, where she wrote an account of how a woman protected her husband with a visualisation exercise.

The woman concerned was called Sue and her husband had gone missing after taking a business trip on a small private plane. Needless to say she was somewhat worried so she carried out a 'Love-Light' visualisation.

This is what she did:

She sat down, took a photo of her husband in her hands, and then concentrated on the picture. She then closed her eyes and visualised her husband surrounded with their love and a beautiful white light shield of protection. She held the visualisation of this for a few minutes and then pictured the same white Love-Light shield surrounding her husband's plane.

An hour later her husband telephoned her and explained he had flown into inclement weather, along with mechanical problems. Because of this he had to make an emergency landing. As luck would have it he located a small field and was able to land the plane safely.

Sue's husband phoned her as soon as he could after landing. He also told her that while he was anxiously scanning the terrain below, trying to locate somewhere to land, he suddenly experienced 'a deliciously warm feeling of being wrapped in a soft, warm blanket of love' and he then knew that everything was going to be all right.

So, had Sue helped her husband with her Love-Light, or would her husband have been okay anyway? Maybe it was simply a coincidence? It depends on how we view life, but Sue and her husband are convinced the visualisation helped him to safety.

A white light for protection is often used in meditation and visualisation. When someone is troubled this can often bring help and comfort. It certainly won't do any harm. If you ever need one, Love+Light might just work a miracle.

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  1. I personally believe the love-light intent works miracles. They are hard to prove because a disaster didn't happen.

    So the key is what you also said, "It certainly won't do any harm." We may never be able to prove a miracle happened when a disaster was imminent. However,we can prove love-light intent incurs no harm. Maybe that should be the focus of our experiments.

    We can't prove a trauma that didn't happen as a miracle. But we can prove a love-light meditation for protection incurred no harm.

  2. I believe in the white light of protection. I try to picture this around me at difficult times and it helps. If this is placebo or a reality I'm not sure.

  3. Anonymous14:43

    What a cool story. The husband actually felt the visualization/emotions his wife was sending him. Theresa is right. This is where experiments should focus.

  4. like the story but haven't experienced anything like that. will give the white light a buzz