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The Poltergeist Who Terrorised A Family

Poltergeist action The previous family living at a house in Coventry, England left in the middle of the night, leaving their possessions behind. They were in a hurry to get away. This, however, didn't put Lisa Manning, 34, off from moving in, along with her daughter Ellie, son Jaydon and partner Anthony, 24.

But then things started to go bump in the night, so much so that Ellie is now frightened to go upstairs to her bedroom.

There have been doors opening and shutting by themselves, furniture moving, articles flying across the room. The family are being terrorised and even attacked by something evil - a poltergeist! Well, that's their claim.

Lisa explained to the Daily Mail how it all started: "From day one, I felt like somebody was watching me — particularly in the kitchen. But I wasn’t that bothered. It never occurred to me it was anything sinister — just a silly shadowy feeling."

Then lights started to switch on and off by themselves.

"I thought it must be a wiring fault, but the electrician couldn’t find anything wrong. So we just tried to forget about it."

"Then the kettle kept smashing on to the floor. And the cutlery drawers started shooting out. Then, one by one, my casserole dishes smashed onto the floor. For weeks we kept making excuses for the children’s sake — it must have been the wind, it must have been one of the dogs."

"Ellie started hearing voices in her room and we told her she must have been imagining it. And then one day I said, 'I think we should get a crucifix', and suddenly a heavy glass ashtray came flying from the kitchen into the sitting room, followed by the kettle."

"As we fled to the door, a dirty mug floated off the dining room table and shattered in mid-air and Ellie and I felt a force hit us in the shoulder like a great shove, before footsteps pounded up the stairs."

All very scary but then things turned even worse. While in the garden Lisa looked up at Ellie's bedroom window and saw, "... something huge and dark — about seven feet tall and like an animal."

All very well you may say, but have they any proof? Well there is a video you can see on YouTube here but it's not exactly convincing stuff. A wardrobe opens and a chair moves across the floor. The photo at the top of the post shows how the wardrobe door has opened and the pink chair has moved.

The family have had all sorts of healers and psychics to try and rid them of the poltergeist, or whatever it is.

One medium explained to Lisa what he thought was happening. He pointed to a spot in the living room and: "...he said that this place was a like a portal hole for spirits. So it’s a bit like a bus stop. They all queue here, travel up through the portal hole, look round and if there’s been a spirit here and there’s negative energy, they’ll come and join."

The television psychic, Derek Acorah, has been to the house and has a different version of who is plaguing the family. He reckons it's an old man called Jim who died in the house and has now attached himself to the young girl Ellie. Acorah has done his cleansing bit and now all is peaceful ... but for how long?

The word poltergeist is German and simply means a noisy spirit and is usually associated with bumps, raps and bangs. The activity is often centered on adolescent children, especially at the time of puberty.

A popular theory is that sexual disturbance of some kind is at the root of many poltergeist infestations. An example is Barbara Barnes a pub landlady from Bolton, Lancashire. One night as she was getting into her bath she felt a hand caressing her bottom. Thinking it must be her husband she didn't object but when she turned round the bathroom door was closed and she was alone.

The psychic researcher Harry Price characterised poltergeist as 'mischievous, destructive, noisy, cruel, erratic, thievish, demonstrative, purposeless, cunning, unhelpful, malicious, audacious, teasing, spiteful, ruthless and vampiric.' So he's covered most angles.

As for Lisa Manning and family, we can only take what she says on trust.

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  1. Anonymous14:21

    Interesting post. Off to take a look at that video. If it were my house, I think I'd have cameras in every room!

  2. as you say the video isnt too convincing as it could have been rigged. interesting post

  3. This is very interesting post...and I find it pretty scary that something could attach itself to the girl Ellie. I do know these sorts of attachments happen more than just in poltergeist situations because when I worked for a homeopathic doctor...he was able to assist many patients that had attachments on their bodies....and most weren't even aware of it.
    Good I'm going to watch the video...even though these things scare the c**p out of me. Thanks Mike.

  4. I've had one slap me on the backside while sleeping. I woke to a hand print.

  5. First time poster here at your blog --- please keep it up! I'm enjoying the reads.