Monday, May 9

67 Not Out Readers Coincidence Stories - 14

Two 67 Not Out Readers Coincidence Stories today. Thanks to Isa and Liz. If you have a coincidence story you would like published on this blog please use the Contact Button at the top of the page - thank you!

eye clip artThe Contact Lens Coincidence
"Here's my coincidence. I hadn't thought of it for years, but it came up in a conversation at a big family (Easter) gathering today:

Many years ago, when I was about 16, I lost my contact lens somewhere in my bedroom. My Mum helped me tear my room apart, looking for it, but no luck. We gave it up for lost and as she left my room, I put my hand in my housecoat pocket and there it was!

Fast foward 30 years and my 16 year old daughter has lost her contact lens in her room. We spend an hour or so looking everywhere and can't find it. I decided to tell her my story from years ago; she reached into her housecoat pocket and found the missing lens!

- Isa"

Boise Idaho clip artThe Crossword Solution
"My sister and I were home doing crosswords and visiting. The phone rang and my sister went to answer. She returned to tell me our oldest brother had died suddenly at his home in Boise, Idaho. He would be autopsied, and we'd hear from his wife and children later.

Stunned, I sat staring at my crossword puzzle. We talked a little about our brother. You know how it is when you get bad news like that. You feel a bit confused and unfocused, trying to take it all in.

I remarked to my sister: I feel like I can't think clearly. She replied, "I know. That's why we'll just sit here doing these meaningless crosswords for awhile."

She returned to her puzzle and I looked down at my own. The next clue was: Gem State capital. The answer was: BOISE.


Peace to all,

I must admit, Liz, that I didn't know Idaho was the Gem State or that Boise was the capital - but I am English!

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