Friday, July 22

The Lessons Of The Bees As A Symbol

man covered in bees
Since I wrote the post Ever Had Bees In Your Pants I seem to have created a buzz (sorry!) about bees. I was sent some more photos by email of the little creatures climbing all over human bodies.

It appears that in China they have competitions to find out who can get the most bees to settle on them - while only wearing shorts and goggles. The guy in the photo above came second to a gentleman called Wang Dablin.

Wang is seen in the photo below brushing away bees after his attempt. He may have won this competition but he didn't beat the world record currently held by Zhang Wei.

Bees covering a man
The bees are attracted by the scent of Queen Bees.

Now why on earth anyone would want to do this I have no idea. I just hope that none of the bees were harmed - as I've written before I don't believe in any form of killing, even insects.

Since I wrote the first post about bees I've seen them everywhere: mentioned in magazines and newspapers, in conversations and I keep seeing the Magners Cider television advert (which includes a man with a bee beard) on UK television.

It's an example of how, if we think about something, we get more and more info about whatever it is. We attract what we think about. In this case bees - but I've had enough of them now, thanks!

But before I end the post a little about the Bee Hive within Freemasonry. This is used as a symbol best described as within a secret Masonic text:

"The Bee Hive is an emblem of industry, and recommends the practice of that virtue to all created beings, from the highest seraph in heaven to the lowest reptile in the dust. It teaches us that we come into the world rational and intelligent beings, so we should ever be industrious ones; never sitting down content while our fellow creatures around us are in want, especially when it is in our power to relieve them without inconvenience to ourselves.

There is actually a lot to be learned from bees. From even, what appears to be, something frivolous there are lessons of life.

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  1. Are these guys stung when they do this? I love the Masonic interpretation. Perhaps that message fits the industrious Chinese!

  2. those guys must be bonkers. liked the freemason bit it makes sense

  3. Why do they do that? The thought makes me feel quite jellified. Love how you brought the Freemasons quote into the post, this made it for me.

  4. Anonymous17:13

    Wow never seen anything like that before, must give them a bit of a buzz and a few stings I'd have thought. Grace

  5. We have not seen many bees here this year. I find it sad...especially when I see humans disrespecting the bee by clothing themselves in them.
    Happy Birthday Mike....hope you had a wonderful day of it.