Saturday, July 9

Missing Mail Arrives After 58 Years Coincidence

Missing postcardAmazing or what! A 75 year old veteran soldier, Terry Crolley, has just received a postcard from his deceased mother - it was posted 58 years ago!

While Terry was on National Service in 1953 he was posted to Egypt. His mum, Esther, wrote him a postcard and mailed it from Merseyside in England. The card never arrived at the army base.

Bizarrely, Mr Crolley's nephew recently saw the postcard listed for sale on Ebay, so he snapped up the offer for 99p ($1.48) and presented it to his uncle.

The postcard was signed 'mother' and she had written about how she had been to a carnival but the weather wasn't very good.

Terry said, "I was shocked and completely overwhelmed by the whole thing, I didn't even know the post card had been written.

It was an emotional moment, I was overcome with extraordinary nostalgia.

My ten-year-old granddaughter told me I must be very sad as I will never have the chance to tell my mum I received it and she's right. But it's such a remarkable coincidence that I ever received it at all. It's a one in a billion chance."

Where the postcard had been for the last 58 years is a complete mystery, and how odd that the collector, who sold the card on Ebay, chose this one from his 10,000 collection of cards to scan and put on the auction site.

And there is also another coincidence - the postcard arrived in time for Mr Crolley's 50th wedding anniversary.

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  1. amazing how such things can happen i wonder where the postcard had been for 50 yrs

  2. Love stories like these. There must be a black hole in the universe where some letters and postcards go - sort of of like where socks go in the washing machine!

  3. A great story, but the postcard got there eventually.

  4. Anonymous18:30

    What an amazing coincidence. Arrived here via Stumbleupon