Saturday, August 13

Amy Winehouse Alive In Best Friends Dream

Amy Winehouse poster
Another Amy Winehouse story today. This is from Kristian Marr, of the Spring Heeled Jack band, who has been described as Amy's 'lover, musical soul mate and best friend'.

In the early hours of the day Amy died Kristian received a text from her saying, 'I'm gonna be here always xx BUT ARE YOU OK? xxx'. He didn't reply as he was sleeping. Later that day he learnt of her death.

He was devastated but the following night had an amazing dream. In Kristian's own words:

"But that night she visited me in this incredibly vivid dream. I was with a group of friends. Amy joined us and I was astonished to see her alive.

Before I could speak she squeezed my hand, gave me a big smile and said, 'I'm still here ... I'll always be here.'"

Trish and Rob MacGregor, in their book Synchronicity and the Other Side, talk about contacts from the 'dead' within dreams and how this can be brought about. In Kristian's case his dream of Amy simply happened but - however they come about - meeting a deceased loved one in a dream can be very comforting.

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  1. Seeing this story is a synchro for me. We get Variety as a freebie for something we bought a while back and the front cover story that I was just reading is about the 27 Club and Winehouse.

    This dream Kristian had sure sounds like a visitation. Thanks for the mention, Mike!

  2. but i wonder how you can tell a visitation from an ordinary dream as some are v realistic

  3. Visitation or not, I'm sure this will stay with him for a lifetime, and that's what matters. :)