Friday, August 12

Eve Shows Herself At Eden

Eve at the Eden Project
I was at the Eden Project in Cornwall again yesterday and took a few more photos, but not of the usual biomes, plants and flowers. (The links to other Eden posts are below).

Where there is an Eden there also has to be an Eve and that's her above. She's quite a size and seems to erupt from the ground amongst the small trees and bushes. Not sure if she's actually happy in paradise but she seems pretty relaxed.

Eve at the Eden Project, Cornwall
There's also a full size wooden horse, though with a difference as it is made out of driftwood from the beaches. The artist is Heather Jansch. She was told that she wasn't the stuff that painters were made from so she started creating her own style of art from bits and pieces around her - and especially of horses made from driftwood.

Driftwood horse at the Eden Project, Cornwall by Heather Jansch
Horse art work at Eden Project, Cornwall by Heather Jansch
There is usually some form of art exhibition at the Eden project, but the art work is not necessarily traditional. Not sure what to make of the two exhibits below but the framed prints in the background were excellent.

Art exhibition at Eden Project, Cornwall
Art work at Eden Project Cornwall
The whole Eden Project is an educational charity, so all of the money is ploughed back into getting the importance of the environment message across, but in an interesting, subtle way. Education without realising you are being educated!

It's now the peak holiday season in Cornwall so in the Eden gardens there are challenges for the children. Everything from making dens to playing about with water using pipes, pumps, buckets, funnels and so on. The kids learn while playing.

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  1. Wow. Eve looks pretty laid back. These pieces are all so unusual. What a cool project.

  2. I would love to go there very neat art and all of nature. Excellent post.

  3. back to promoting cornwall! eden is something special

  4. Love your posts on Cornwall, always interesting.

  5. These driftwood horses are just mindblowing, love them.

  6. I love Eve reclining within the earth and the horse made from driftwood. The other two don't translate well in pictures. :D