Monday, August 8

Crop Circle Gets Indonesians In A Paddy

It would appear that crop circles are extending to all parts of the globe. The latest country added to the list is Indonesia where a 70 yard wide crop circle, earlier this year, caused such a sensation it was visited by thousands of people.

The Indonesian circle was found in a rice field and resembled a flower along with an intricate pattern. It appeared over night in the village of Jogotirto slap bang in the middle of a paddy field. Rumours spread like mad about UFOs being responsible and the local police were forced to close the fields because of all the interest.

It is believed to be the first crop circle known to have been discovered in a rice field.

There is a video to go along with the story which shows the crop circle design plus news reports.

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  1. Hadn't heard about this one! And in rice, no less. The proliferation of these circles seems to be keeping pace with the increased sightings of UFOs.

  2. they got in a paddy about this. nice one. cant make up my mind about crop circles as some are man made but others are too complex

  3. They're so beautiful. Each one so unique...wish I knew what they meant, and how they got here. I've read somewhere online that these might be happening because of the changes in our Earth's magnetic fields. They're amazing...thanks for showing us this one...hadn't heard about it.

  4. yes, really beautiful, all of them - but in a rice field! how incredible - and i'd not heard of this one either - so many thanks!

  5. Anonymous21:35

    Aren't these just people playing pranks?