Saturday, August 6

Her Husband Chimed The Clock From Beyond The Grave

Clock coincidenceBefore World War II Mrs.Sands from Kent in England wandered into an auction room where, for some inexplicable reason, she bought a clock she didn't even want. A man offered to buy this from her but her new husband refused the offer.

The clock wasn't in good health and it took a few months to have repaired. It then ticked away happily all through the war and survived her house being bombed. Her husband loved the clock.

Many, many years later Mrs.Sands husband retired but the clock continued ticking away. Finally, however, it gave up the ghost and ground to a halt. She told her husband to dump the clock and presumed he had.

A while later her husband died and she was heartbroken, having lost her soul mate. Her small West Highland terrier kept her company.

West Highland terrierMrs.Sands explains what happened next: "My friend and I were talking about him (her husband), when we heard a strange noise. My little Westie ran upstairs to a closet and behind clothes and a pile of old shoes we found the clock - chiming! Now I'm a down-to-earth woman and racked my brains. But I hadn't been in the closet for months and it hadn't worked for years."

But there is more to this story, "That night I cried myself to sleep, only to be woken by my little dog barking and growling, her hackles up. I followed her gaze - and saw a white mist rising and a blurred figure emerging from it. I put out my hand but it slowly faded."

The clock is now with Mrs.Sands' daughter and she hopes that her husband knows how much it is still loved. She commented, "When I finally fall off the perch, I hope that ghostly figure will come for me and we will walk hand-in-hand into the proverbial sunset."

The story of the clock is true and, as for the white mist, she says that, "It might just have been a figment of a grieving widow's imagination." I personally prefer to believe that this was her husband making contact.

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  1. such an incredible story.

  2. That's another great story. I tried doing a blog but couldn't find enough to write aout every day, so don't know how you keep getting such interesting material. What's the secret?!

  3. This story sure has all the classic points of spirit contact. Clocks really do seem to be an important motif in spirit communication. Love this story!

  4. Worthy clock information! I've read your article "Her Husband Chimed The Clock From Beyond The Grave". Great sharing!