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The Reincarnation Of A 60,000 Year Old Alien

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Occasionally I like to think about things that many will consider as too unbelievable to be true. Some of these inevitably turn out to be absolute codswallop but, if we never think about the unbelievable, we might miss out on something that is important. Once upon a time we would have considered going to the moon, the Internet and so on to be fantasy and impossible.

I was flicking through the pages of a book Same Soul, Many Bodies where the author, Dr Brian Weiss, talks about a patient he hypnotised to reveal a former life.

Patrick, as he was called, didn't come up with something standard. One of his previous lives was 60,000 years ago and, what's more, he was born on another planet.

Okay, so what was he doing on earth therefore? It appears that a section of his race migrated to Earth as their own planet was dying. When they arrived they were met by other migrants from other star systems.

These visitors mixed 'among the evolving sub-species, human beings'.

But there's more to it than just this. The migrants also went on to reincarnate on Earth which helped the evolution of the new human people.

Let's carry on with this 'unbelievable' scenario. Patrick indicated that the physical bodies of these immigrants were very similar to a human form but their minds were far, far superior.

One of Patrick's jobs was to 'supervise the storage of artifacts and written knowledge'. This information would be hidden until the human race caught up a little and was ready for the contents to be revealed.

One of the other things, mentioned by Patrick under hypnosis, was that, "the distinction between God and humans is minor." One small part of the hidden knowledge is "how to master the art of separating consciousness from the physical vehicle."

We hear of similar things to this today but one of the points of this ancient knowledge is that this allows the person to 'assume other, less solid bodies as it wishes.' Could this be the basis perhaps for the likes of angels who, when seen, appear to be something divine, almost god like? In reality they are simply an advanced form of ourselves.

Patrick went on to reveal other lives as a renowned mathematician in Central America, a Jewish Rabbi and a Buddhist monk.

All in all an unbelievable story but could parts in fact be true? Could people from other star systems have migrated to Earth? It would solve a lot of missing links. But there again, if Patrick was so advanced 60,000 years ago, how come he needs to go to a doctor for help and works as an accountant for a dot-com company?

That's the difficulty of thinking about the so called unbelievable we seem to be programmed to disbelieve.

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  1. I always loved Weiss's book. Because he's a medical doctor, he did a lot to advance the belief in reincarnation. Good point, though, with your last line!

  2. I love Weiss and Newman books on reincarnation. In fact I just wrapped up a podcast on my experience with both of those books. And yes it seems that 60,000 years ago an advanced soul couldn't possibly operate as an accountant today...but we have to remember, we select our bodies, our lives and our circumstances in an effort to advance our soul growth. I find it fascinating. I also find it fascinating that many of us have been incarnating for thousands of years, and while we may not remember those past lives, we hold their residual patterns, and have re-do's with souls from our soul groups!

  3. great post mike. i will try to think the unbelievable. im beginning to see why you believe in reincarnation now

  4. I have always believed in reincarnation despite a Christian upbringing. Rather than go into control factors of humankind over the ages, many people who follow alternative spiritual practices have been able to learn about their other 'reincarnated' lives through meditation.

    Edgar Cayce was able to tap into the unconscious mind to seek information from the Akashic Records (Book of Life) to assist people who had specific health issues. There are many transcriptions which refer to past lives and their influence on the person's current life.

    Anyone who is able to meditate deeply can find answers to their beginings, and any other life question they may have. I'm certain it would be possible to learn about other incarnated lives one has had provided the consciousness is open and not skeptical.

    As for alien races having pre-populated Earth, I don't think it's as farfetched as others feel. Our current ability to assume what early humans were like is likely to be far from the actual truth. But it's an interesting topic you've brought up that provides much food for thought.

    Perhaps one of these days we'll all see intergalatic starships arrive at Earth.

  5. I enjoyed pulling this book off my shelf and rereading about Patrick.

    I like that a highly advanced immortal being, reincarnating through human lives after arriving on earth with mysteries of the universe 60,000 years ago, does consider the life of a dot-com accountant with emotional issues of value to live.

    I'm also glad there are counselors here to help us make better choices for our lives when we are out of the flow of our destiny.