Wednesday, September 21

The Birthdays From World War II Coincidence

baby boy cartoon clipartTom sent me this story, that he sourced following my post Oliver The 133225-1 Baby. It features a similar birthday coincidence.

This is about the Catherine family from Bournemouth, England. David Catherine writes:

"It's almost unique for three people in the same family to share a birth date, and from my experience of 60 years, this will be a never-to-be-forgotten date for them all.

I'm the youngest of three children, all boys, all born on July 8.

The first, Robert, arrived in 1939; the second Anthony, in 1943, and then me in 1947.

Our parents' feat encompassed the events of World War II: one before our father went off to war, one while on home leave from the African desert and the last on demob.

Our birthdays always had that little extra, almost like Christmas."

I suppose the odds of this happening are the same as with the Oliver story i.e. 133225-1.

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  1. Cool how this can happen. And you have two of them - will there be a third?!

  2. as suzie says, will there be a another one?