Tuesday, September 20

The Funeral Coincidence

three witches clip artSadly, before my mother died it was necessary for her to move into a Nursing Home. Being the strong minded woman she was she managed to settle in and to make friends with other residents. There were two in particular: Jean and Lillian - known as Lil.

They sat together in their wheelchairs and giggled about daft things, so much so that the staff joked that they cackled like three witches.

When mum died Lil asked me if she could sit with her before the funeral director arrived. She wanted to read my mum passages from the Bible as she wasn't strong enough to attend the funeral. I watched as, with tears running down her face, she read aloud as best she could, and I left them alone.

We still occasionally looked in the Nursing Home from time to time to see Lil and Jean.

Jean then died and, as happens in life, our visits became less frequent.

We were wondering how Lil was getting on this morning, prior to our walk.

We were delayed in setting off and decided we would take in a DIY store where we needed something for the kitchen we had just finished decorating. This meant we went a route from home that we rarely take. We would normally go to the store by car.

As we crossed a main road a black hearse slowly drove by. There was only one flower garland at the side of the coffin. It simply read 'Lil' in flowers.

Yes, Lil had sadly died. The three witches may now all be giggling together once more.

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  1. thats sad but it would be nice to think that the three witches will meet again

  2. RIP, Lil. Precognition - and a synchronicity that you "just happened" to take that particular route just as the Lil's hearse "happened" by.

    Interesting WV: trate - trait?

  3. That is quite a story when you think how it came about, being delayed on your walk then going a different way and so on. Everything happened to make you see the hearse.