Monday, September 19

Ley Nodes The Doorways To Other Worlds And Times

the earth in motion and ley linesA while back I published a post with the title The Ancient Secret Transmitters Of Energy. It was about how I had visited a few places situated on ley lines.

Ley lines interest me and, following something I researched recently, I am wondering if there are places along these lines where time and space slips away.

Where two ley lines cross they are known as nodes and supposedly strange things can happen at these points. Here is an experience by a seasoned ley line hunter Stephen Jenkins.

Stephen's first sighting came about when he was just sixteen years old and this happened near Mounts Bay in Cornwall:

"The clumps and bushes were very still in the windless evening light when I suddenly experienced what I took to be a startlingly vivid optical illusion. Scattered among them, motionless but frighteningly distinct, was a crowd, a host of armed men. For a moment I stood stock still, unable to believe my eyes, then I began to run towards them. At once something like a curtain of heated air wavered in front of them briefly - and there were only bushes and stones.

A lot later in life, while looking at an Ordnance Survey map, he became aware that where he had the vision was approaching, or near to, a ley node.

Now married he returned to the spot of his first such experience together with his wife - and history repeated itself. "And again, as in the deepening light of that August afternoon thirty-eight years before, the illusion of armed men! And again the vanishing as one took a few paces forward."

Strange things can happen at ley nodes: dizziness, disorientation, visions and even the appearance of UFOs.

An interesting theory about UFOs came from Air Marshall Sir Victor Goddard. At a meeting of the British Interplanetary Society he suggested that we shouldn't assume that UFOs were from other planets - they might simply come from an invisible world that coincides with the space of our own.

Though many will dispute the existence of ley lines it could be possible that, at powerful nodes, time and space as we know it is interrupted and sensitives get glimpses of other times or even other civilisations or spiritual realms.

Ley nodes may be the doorways to other worlds and times running parallel to our own.

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  1. Interesting. I remember going to a stone circle in North Wales (can't remember the name) and feeling quite dizzy by one of the stones, and I hadn't been drinking! I presume that stone circles may be on ley lines.

  2. Must say that the moving image on the post makes me feel a bit wobbly too!

  3. are these ley lines equivalent to the bodies acupuncture lines not sure what they are called?

  4. Fascinating. If would make sense that there would be additional energy and high strangeness at places where ley lines meet.

    Tom - I think they're called meridians.

  5. Anonymous13:01

    I read on a site called ancienthackney, that the Olympic site is situated on two crossing leylines.