Tuesday, October 11

Simple Meetings Of Friends Coincidences

handshake hands clipartA couple of simple, short coincidences today. Both are about meeting someone they hadn't seen for years. Thanks to my friend JC for sourcing these for me.

Your personal coincidence or synchronicity stories are always welcome.

Last week while visiting my brother in Brighton, where I used to live, I casually asked, "I wonder if my mate James still lives here?"

I hadn’t seen James for over 18 years.

The next day I went for a drive to Eastbourne with my brother. This is a few miles along the coast from Brighton. We walked along the pier and there was James sitting on a seat enjoying the sea view!

Stan J.

I was wandering around an open air market in Wimborne with my daughter-in-law. I said to her, "I would give anything if I could see Alice’s face just one more time." This was an old neighbour who I hadn’t seen for over seven years.

Virtually seconds or maybe minutes later I walked over to a litter bin to get rid of a Coke can I had been carrying. I looked up and there was Alice putting something into the other side of the litter bin. I couldn’t believe it.

Gentle Gen

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  1. These are the really neat stories in the synchro annals!