Saturday, November 26

The Dead In Dreams Are Very Real


In one of his novels, One for My Baby, Tony Parsons' writes, "Sometimes I think that the dead live in dreams. Heaven, the afterlife, the next world, whatever you want to call it - it's all in our Dreams."

I must say that to a degree I concur with this thought.  On occasions I have seen people who have been very close to me in my dreams. Nothing on a regular basis but to me they appeared real enough for me to remember them years later.

The character in Tony Parsons' book, Alfie, says after dreaming of his wife, Rose, who was killed in an accident, "And I still don't know what to make of those dreams - were they just the product of loss and imagination and grief? Or was it really her? They didn't feel like something that I had made up.  They felt far more real than most of the waking days of my life."

In a way that's how I felt too.  Now though I realise that I have reached a conclusion - I can't say why or how - that the loved ones I saw in my dreams were in fact them - still alive, but in another dimension.  Maybe they have access to our world for a short while after they have died and are able to leave us messages in our dreams or in other ways - with white feathers for example, as I have written about previously.

From my experience we are more likely to have contact with the dead in dreams just after they have died or when we are about to move on ourselves from this life.

Later in the book 'Alfie' mentions this as his Nan (grandmother) is dying: "My Nan has started to see the dead in her dreams. What is a little bit scary is that sometimes she is awake when she has these dreams.  She doesn't need to sleep to see her remembered dead.  They come to her anyway."

Tony Parsons isn't an author I would usually read but someone who was moving gave my wife a load of books, about thirty or forty, and I picked out one to read by 'chance' - as I felt like reading something easy and relaxing for a change.

It's strange how things work out, as the book unexpectedly helped me to realise that I had formulated an opinion about how the dead do really contact us in our dreams. I could well have picked out another book to read - the Universe does move in mysterious ways!

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  1. I'm with you Mike.I believe the dead can and do contact you in dreams.I can only recall one vivid dream involving someone who had died that I knew personally and that involved my dead father-in-law.
    I wrote about it in a story on my blog called
    "Green Volkswagen on the Synchronicity Roundabout".
    It's the 4th most popular post in the "Most Popular Posts in Order of Views."column on my sidebar.
    I think you would like this story...but it's still ongoing.
    And you must watch the 4 minute You Tube featuring SQuire on "Good Morning America".
    You will love this story by itself,it's very good.

    This was my dream,by the way...and I am not one for vivid dreams,but I have learned to take notice when dreams are this vivid...although this was more like a communication from him than it was a dream...kind of like both combined,if that makes any sense.

    "I had a very vivid dream,where I was being pushed up a hill in a pale sky blue (very close to this background colour on which this blog is written) toy car by my dead Father-in law,but I was an adult like I am now.And I had to sit on the boot with my legs astride the doors,as I was too big.He pushed me up the hill,and then I coasted down the hill,by myself,and into a house,which in the dream I believed to me mine and my family's,but isn't in our real life."


  2. Oh,and I forgot to mention the date that the Squire Rushnell interview was aired - 4/24/09.
    Any one who has read my blog would know that 424 is a major reoccurring number in my life.

  3. When my grandad died I had a vivid dream of him. It was so real I woke with a jolt and felt almost breathless. I'm sure it was a real visit from dear old grandad who always had lots of time for me. We used to talk about all kinds of subjects.

  4. I totally agree about the dead and dreams. I've "kept track" of my parents through dreams since they both passed on. Sounds like a good book!

    1. Know what you mean Trish. I could be fooling myself but I feel I've continued my relationship with my parents who have died, though a series of dreams. They seem to both have expanded consciousness and flowing hearts.

  5. I often dream of people I knew who have died. They appear younger if not vibrant. My father once appeared in a dream and told me “to not be afraid of dying”.
    One of my favorites was of my ex-father in law who, when he was alive was always thinking ahead. My ex-wife and I used to joke about how he would tell us tens of miles before we got somewhere how we should make sure we get in the right-hand lane when we get to such and such a place.
    After he died I dreamt I was driving a car and stopped at a stop sign. George was standing there looking vibrant and said,” You want to make sure you get in the right-hand lane” then he began to laugh.