Thursday, November 3

It Pays To Be Odd If You Own A House

cartoon house clipartIf you live in the UK your house is worth more if it has an odd number on the door. So, if you own a house with an even number - as I do - the property is said to be worth less than the house either side with odd numbers!

For some reason the property website Zoopla did a study of all of the house prices in the UK. It must have been a slow day or something. They found that the average odd numbered home was valued at £207,202 ($317,784). The even numbered average house, however, clocked in at £538 less: £206,664 ($316,195).

So why is this? Erm, well nobody knows. Maybe it's the magic of numbers or ... goodness knows. There's no logical answer.

There was one exception to the odd rule and that is with houses with the number 13 - these are actually valued at £3,300 less than the average. This is no doubt because of the supposed bad luck attributed to 13 - which puts off perspective buyers.

What use these findings are is puzzling. It's very much in line with my post about The Danger Of The Letter Z In Car Registration Plates.

Some will say that you can prove anything with statistics but, as we all know, 72.45% of all statistics are made up.

cartoon woman's face clipartP.S. I've just come up with a solution. Pythagoras regarded even numbers as being feminine and passive whereas odd numbers are masculine and active. So, of course, odd numbers will therefore be worth ... aaaagh! Seems like my wife doesn't agree with this theory! Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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  1. Oh,well.
    As long as I can break even,then I'll be happy .-)

  2. I'm an even number, so that's feminine? That's a relief but better not tell the BF. How strange that the prices reflect the house numbers, but it's not really a big difference as a percentage. Better get on as my coffee break is nearly over. Had 2 cups to keep the number even!

  3. This is a much more enjoyable fact than all the other statistics I've weeded through this morn. :D

    I'd totally buy a #13...

    WV: rewarduc
    reward you see... Have a great day.