Wednesday, November 30

Memories Of Bambi

cheeseboard with a picture of Bambi

I was with my grandson looking at one of his books. Suddenly my mind was racing back to when I was three or four years old. The book featured Bambi.

I remembered how Bambi was the very first film I ever saw at a cinema - though I was in my mum's bad books before it had ended.  There was one scene that made me cry and cry.  Yes, the one where ...

Bambi and his mother are looking for food and eventually found some fresh, green grass to eat.  Bambi's mum, however, suddenly sensed danger and told him to run away.  "Faster! Faster, Bambi! Don't look back! Keep running! Keep running!" she yells.

Bambi makes it back to their den ... there is the sound of a gunshot ... he calls out for his mother but  there is no reply. He cautiously traces his steps looking forlorn and desperate in the snow. His mother is nowhere to be seen.

Bambi bumps in to his father the Great Prince who tells him that, "Your mother can't be with you any more".

Slowly he follows his father into the woods but with one sad, last look behind him.

Now that's enough to make anyone cry! Especially a very impressionable small child, that was once me.

My 15 month grandson looked at me with his beautiful blue innocent eyes and brought me back to the present wondering what life holds in store for him.

I shouldn't really have forgotten about Bambi because we have a cheeseboard, that my mother made out of pottery, in our kitchen on one of the work surfaces (top photo). It must be about ten years old so she would have been in her mid 80s when she made this.  Mum made it at a pottery class and, I guess, she was thinking of me, and of the time she took me to the cinema for the very first time.

Babycham glasses
It's interesting how synchros can take you back in time and stir up your memories and emotions. It's also strange that the day before this happened I bought two old Babycham glasses in a Charity Shop for just 20 pence each. They are not quite Bambi, but the picture on them is similar and it now reminds me that the first alcoholic drink my parents allowed me to have 'officially' was a Babycham.

Everything in life seems to be one big jigsaw and gradually, bit by bit, the picture becomes clearer.

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  1. It's 9a.m. and I'm supposed to be working now but there's a tear running down my cheek!

  2. I love this post Mike,because it reminds me of just how important movies were in forming my outlook on life.When I was a kid about the age of seven or eight I made a hobby out of cutting the movie poster / ads out of our morning paper and keeping them in a draw.I bought a scrapbook and every-time I would see one of those movies,I would glue the movie ad into the scrapbook so I would have a visual record of all the movies I managed to talk my Gran or Dad into taking me to see throughout the years.Gradually I forgot about the scrapbook and just became obsessed with movies.Some that I saw back then,that went over the top of my head I have since viewed again with profound syncs.
    "The Last Wave","2001:A Space Odyssey","Tommy","Godspell"...and the list goes on.
    I would encourage you to take your Grandson to the movies when he is old enough too.I'm sure he will look back at those outings and viewings with nostalgia and maybe some learned wisdom and a few syncs in later life too.

    Oh and we nearly had a sync ourselves here with this post too.I started to play my Steve Winwood CD "Revolutions" when I came home and switched on the computer.Track one is "Keep On Running",I listened to it then decided I just wanted instrumental music in the background,so as not to distract me.So I took the CD out and swapped it for Caiseal Mor's "What is Magic?" CD.
    So had I of come to read this post a bit earlier I would have been listening to "Keep On Running" while reading about Bambi's mother saying ""Faster! Faster, Bambi! Don't look back! Keep running! Keep running!".
    I'm losing my touch...close to being a sync,but no cigar I'm afraid.-)

  3. thats a funny one mike as yesterday i was looking at a book with bambi in it. long story why. it ais if your post is really about remembering your mother

  4. That movie left a huge impression on me, too. I watched it a number of times when our daughter was little and that scene still makes me cry.

    It really is a remembering mom movie.

  5. I ducked over to one of my favourite artists blogs

    to see if she had some new works up for for X-mas and it seems deers are becoming a theme this week for some reason.

    She is a talented artist and I have over a half dozen of her pictures hanging in our living room.My wife loves the ballet guess what sort of prints are hanging in the boss's ...I mean the living room ?-)
    And I have two prints (mushrooms and typewriters) and numerous postcards of her work in my computer room.