Thursday, December 1

The Winds Of The Shacapa At Eden

I came across the slightly faded wall painting - The Winds of the Shacapa - as shown in the picture above at the Eden Project in Cornwall, England.

The Shacapa (or Chacapa) leaves, a kind of palm, are made into a rattle for Shamanic and similar ceremonies in the Upper Amazon region. They are used rhythmically in a similar way to a Shaman's drum.

The Shacapa is said to draw impurities from the body. The Shaman rubs and shakes the Shacapa over the patient's body to remove and capture any unwanted spirit intrusions. Once captured these spirits are blown into the rainforest where the spirits of the plants are used to absorb and discharge this energy.

In the picture above the bands of colour from the universal eye represent the energies of the Shacapa. The photo below shows a well used Shacapa.


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  1. I made a comment in the post below about the deer theme at my artist friend Vanessa Valencia's blog

    ,but now when I look at her X-mas tree / plant I can't help but wonder if they are not meant to be Shacapa leaves ?

  2. Love these Eden Project stories. Cuban santeros have tools for healing - cigar smoke, some type of palm leaf - not this one - Florida water and, sometimes, rum.