Monday, November 7

A Message From Her Dead Mother

A spirit story today received via an email. My thanks to the author who wishes to remain anonymous.

"I'm not sure if you will believe this story as I hardly do myself.

My mother died unexpectedly last month, and this was a very sad time. I have a 23 month old daughter, Lucy, who was very close to my mum and they saw each other most days.

Lucy is a forward girl and loves to talk, though we don't always understand what she is saying. My husband and I weren't sure how to tell her that she wouldn't be seeing her Nanny, as she called her, any more.

For the funeral we left Lucy with a friend and afterwards picked her up in our car. We strapped her into her seat in the back and off we drove towards our house.

Lucy started talking and talking non stop, most of it we couldn't understand. I asked her who she was talking to and she said, "Nanny."

I was shocked and asked her where Nanny was and she pointed to the seat next to her and then she said, "Nanny says she is happy and likes Heaven."

The really peculiar thing is that we hadn't been able to bring ourselves to tell Lucy about my mother's death.

My husband thinks Lucy must have heard someone talking about her Nanny, but that's not how I feel. I like to think that this was a message from my mother to say she is alright. Or am I just fooling myself?"

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  1. I'll quote Carl Jung here;
    "I don't need to believe,I know"

    Believe me,this is just par for the course.Wait until you get a hole in one.-)

  2. I don't think the author is fooling herself. I have read that children are sometimes psychic and then grow out of it. Though not having children myself I can't vouch for this. I do feel though that we can get messages from those we have lost. I'm sure my own grandad has been around me. I sometimes smell his cigarettes and feel his presence.

  3. This story has all the classic traits of genuine spirit communication. Kids are simply more open, they don't have any of the filters adults do. I hope the author and Lucy have many more experiences like this.

  4. interesting and sounds feasible but i do have lingering doubts