Friday, December 23

The Warning Of Danger From Her Dead Sister

An emotional story I received from a 67 Not Out reader, Jennifer. It involves dreams, a possible message from the dead and how a severe accident was avoided.

"Sadly my sister, Annie, died from cancer in 2009. She was a single mum with a daughter. My husband and I were appointed as her daughter's guardians and we hope to adopt her officially in the future, though it's a lengthy process. We already have our own daughter but can't have more children.

Last year, one year after her death, I had a very strange, realistic dream where I saw Annie standing by a tree. She was saying, "You must take them with you." She repeated this same phrase over and over again. In my dream I tried to ask her what she meant by this but she only answered by saying the same words, "You must take them with you."

At breakfast next morning Annie's daughter told us of how she had also dreamt of her mother. As this was exactly one year after Annie's death we thought the dreams were because of the emotional time.

Annie's daughter said that in her dream she saw her mother crying and standing by a tree. Her mother was trying to say something but she couldn't understand what was being said.

A month later I had to go to the shops in town and as I left I shouted to the two girls that they should come with me. I knew my husband wanted to watch the football on television. They weren't over keen as they were playing something but came along any way.

While at the shopping centre it became extremely windy and a storm blew up. I wasn't looking forward to the drive home. My mobile phone rang and it was my husband. He told me how a tree had fallen on our house and warned me to drive very carefully as there could be problems with debris on the roads.

When I got home the damage was worse that I feared. The tree had fallen exactly on Annie's daughter's bedroom. This was where she and our daughter were playing before I shouted for them to come to the shops with me.

It was then that I remembered Annie's words in my dream; "Take then with you." This sent a chill through me and I burst into tears with relief that the girls were safe.

Fortunately my husband is in the building trade so had managed to get equipment to remove the tree and to secure the roof temporarily until it could be repaired properly.

In quiet moments I'm not sure what to believe. I wonder if Annie had really been in my dream and was warning me of what might happen but somehow she couldn't get the complete message across."

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  1. Sounds like a scene out of the movie

    "The Tree"

    Good movie.

  2. Fascinating story. Sure sounds like spirit communication to me. How fortunate that Jennifer heeded the warning!

    Daz-I remember seeing that trailer on your blog.